$101,000 Goal Update – Feb 20th 2012

Here’s the latest update on the goal, with the first audition looming large into view now…

The audition is next week. I’m excited about it, and this week I have been into line learning mode, which sent me back to the technique I used for 4 panto tours.

I remember it being hard work the first time, and then worked out the best way of learning lines for me, which is to read the whole thing through a good few times, to get a feel of my part.

Then, I would hand write it out, and then just get down the nitty gritty of learning, which for me is repetition. I’d start at the beginning ( a very good place to start!) and keep going until I made a mistake.

Then I’d make sure I knew what the right line was, and go back to the beginning. It’s a fairly laborious method some would say, but it worked for me, because repeating the bits I knew over and over to get the mistakes sorted out just embedded the whole thing.

For the second tour, it was easier, for 2 reasons. Firstly, I knew the method worked for me, so I could just get on and apply it.

Secondly, doing an 8 week tour, up to 3 shows a day, those lines become natural, you say them on automatic pilot, and look back and wonder how you ever had such trouble.

That happens with most learning, and feeling it with learning a 2 hour show is something you can lean back on when you learn the next 2 hour show. So it’s certainly something to use when learning a 90 second monologue!

I had also gone on you tube to see how other actors had performed the speech. That didn’t last long though – I saw 3 famous names do it, and each of them were typically ‘them’. I felt that watching more might harm me as I’d be tempted to drift into their styles, when in fact I should be doing it in my own style.

I’m enjoying it, and it’s motivation to get on the course itself!

As for the funding side of things, I learnt a good lesson. As well as creating an ongoing stream of articles, to generate traffic and content at the same time, I have decided to create audio training about online money making.

Audio allows a different flow than you can get with writing, and I like it, I think it suits my style. I used a blog standard free audio recording programme, but it didn’t take long for me to hit a snag…

I had recorded a full 20 minutes of an audio, then went to hit the save button. I wasn’t impressed to see a window open up telling me the software had stopped working and was shutting down!

When I restarted the programme, the audio hadn’t been saved, except in my temporary folder. That sounded ok, but in fact it had been split up into 200 short files, and the time it would have taken to sort that lot out meant it was quicker to start again!

So, the lesson was to back up in shorter bursts – a step on the learning curve, which is something I teach all the time – don’t be worried about making mistakes, learn from them and you will be moving forward with an increased arsenal of skill!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget you can read the ideas and techniques I am using for this goal, plus the adventures I have been on before, in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

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