$101,000 Goal Update – Feb 6th 2012

This week I felt I was still no closer to a decision about which pieces to do for my audition. It’s still over 3 weeks away, but the clock is now definitely ticking on this one!

Long time readers will know that I believe in the power of the ‘step by step’ route to goal achievement – work out the steps, then take them. Not exactly difficult logic, but it’s something that so many people fail to do in practice.

In my case here, the whole centre of this goal is to study this acting with musicianship degree. To even get a place on the course there will be at least 2, maybe 3 auditions. To get to each stage requires me to get through the previous stage, so my short term goal in the long term plan is this Feb 29th audition, which means I have to prepare for that.

I’ve looked over the material I was sent about the audition, and I just can’t see anything that prohibits me doing a scene from panto. In fact, reading the guidance again, it says they are expecting to see…

– emotional engagement with the world implied in the piece
– a sense of style and playing
– an indication of timing, variation

Now, I believe in my ability to show all of those with a panto scene – and let’s face it, having done 4 tours that *should* be the case!

As of today I’m inclined to go with it. The whole point of this first audition is for them to weed out the definite non starter candidates, and I would hope that my panto experience would make them jot down positives.

It would also allow me to feel more comfortable with my classical preference, a Shylock monologue from ‘The Merchant of Venice’ which would give real contrast to the panto.

By this time next week I expect to have settled on the decision.

As for the money to fund the goal, I’m still happy with the audio choice over ebooks. I was thinking of creating an audio for my free offering on my list building squeeze page, but after showing that squeeze page to a coach of mine, he gave positive feedback, so I’m tempted to leave it. You can see that here http://makemoneyblogging911.com
I might still create an audio, to allow me to test the 2 offers against each other.

Something else I need to do this week is begin the application process for the finance loan I’m hoping to get from the government, to cover the £9,000 a year in college fees!

That’s it for this week, I hope all is well with you.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. For this goal I will be using the same ideas and techniques I’ve used to go on some great adventures for nearly 30 years. I wrote about them in my book ‘Transform Your Life Now!’

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