$101,000 Goal Update – Jan 10th 2012

In my last update, I was pleased to be able to say that the application had been completed and sent off – it’s always nice to be able to draw a line under a certain stage of the process, to be able to tick it off!

This week, I have had a letter from UCAS, which is the central university application body, that my application has been received, and is now being sent off to the relevant colleges (in my case just the one college)

The next thing should be, assuming there are no details missing from my application, that I will hear from the college.

I imagine that will have further details of audition requirements, although I do know that it will be 2 x 90 second pieces, one contemporary and one classical.

The contemporary one will give me little trouble, there are a couple of things I could whip out right now for that, but the classical one gives me definite pause for thought!

I imagine a Shakespeare piece would be a good choice – I did look online for audition monologues, and there is a wide range available.

I’m thinking of a piece from ‘The Merchant of Venice’, although ever since I did tried a comedy version when talking to someone about it, I can’t get that out of my head!

As for the blogging side of things to finance the whole goal, well that is coming along.
I’m intending to promote my own products along with affiliate offers, and will also sell PLR to my articles, in very limited quantities, plus revisit an idea I had in the past, which is to coach people one on one about how to actually write articles.

Some of that work is what I call ‘time heavy’, I.e. the rewards are based on me putting in time, they are not really auto or passive income.
Having said that, it will free up more time around that work to develop the longer term plan.
Here’s the website if you’re interested in that side of the goal:

Ok, that’s it for now!
‘Til next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget you can discover the full range of ideas and techniques I will be using to achieve this goal, plus examples of how I’ve used it before, in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

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