$101,000 Goal Update – Jan 1st 2012

New Year’s Day is a time for many to either set new goals, or assess their progress on existing ones. If you know me well, (and if you don’t you will as we go along!), you’ll know I’m not a big fan of New Year Resolutions, for various reasons, but my goal is a recently started one as opposed to a new one, so here’s the latest update…

I had been at a bit of a barrier, because I was waiting for my referee to complete the statement on the university website for me. Until that was done, there was nothing else I could do.

I didn’t want to be a pain about it, as it was a big favour in the first place, but since the application deadline is Jan 15th, the clock was ticking.

With that in mind, I sent a little email, and I suspect a familiar story in my life had happened…she had forgotten about me! Anyway after my email it was done within a few hours, so I was able to review the application, pay the £22 fee, and hit send!

So that’s done now, the next stage will be to hear from the college with details of the first audition. I’m going to search online for audition pieces, as what I would prefer to do is probably not allowed.

As for the blogging to fund the whole thing, well that’s coming along. I am still creating lots of content in the form of articles, but I need to ramp up the quantity of that this year.

I am also going to try creating audio content, I have seen some training from a successful internet marketer about it, and he creates good audio content, so that seems worth a go to me.

Ok, that’s about it for now, I’m pleased to get the application sent in, that’s a step of the process I can now mark as ‘complete’!

I’ll sign off wishing you as ever,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget you can read the same ideas and techniques I will be using for this goal as I have for others for the best part of 30 years in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!P.P.S. Don’t forget to sign up via the box at the top right of any page for email updates so you can follow along!

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