$101,000 Goal Update – Jan 24th 2012

Let’s dive straight in, as I’ve had some news since my last update – I have my audition date! In fact, I have two..!

Yes, rather like buses, you wait and wait, then two come along at once.
You’ll remember that my $101,000 goal is to go to college to do an acting degree. When I went to the Open Day at Rose Bruford College though, I was discovered the option of an acting with musicianship degree, and that I could apply for both at the same time.

Blimey, I might even learn to play all 4 strings on my bass geetar…

So, I did apply for both, and they told us at the open day that it would be a single audition at the first stage.

I was pleased to get an email with the date, Feb 29th, and some details about what I needed to prepare. I also noted a non refundable £45 charge, which goes on top of the £22 I had to pay to put the application in!

So you can imagine my surprise when I got another email telling me I had another audition on Feb 17th! That seemed odd, and since the audition requirements were exactly the same, and would be in front of exactly the same people, I suspected something was amiss.

I sent an email, and got a pretty speedy response, saying that yes, it was in fact just the one date, so Feb 29th it is!

Goes without saying I am looking forward to it. I have to do two 90 second monologues – one from a contemporary piece, and one classical, I.e. Shakespeare.
It also says I am expected to have read one of the plays in full – sounds like hard work to me, what is this, a degree or something?

In all honesty I have 2 pieces that I would love to do, which I could get up and do anywhere at anytime, but I’m not sure that either is suitable!

I do have some time to get my head around what to do, and it’s all based on an understanding that although I have two 90 second pieces, they’ll probably only need to see around 30 seconds to get the idea of whether I go to the next audition stage or not.

That means I don’t need to get all wound up about it, although I will obviously be giving it my full preparation.
Fingers crossed, and it’s onwards and upwards!

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