$101,000 Goal Update – July 12th 2012

I’m after your opinions this week. (well I love hearing your views at any time, but this time I’m keen for your views on my progress!)

This week’s update will go into some detail about my current thought processes, but first off, my new book on Kindle..!

Yep, I published a short novel, called ‘Lighting The Flame’. It has an Olympic theme to it, so I wanted to get it up and published before the Games. It’s in the romance/erotica genre, so could be described as a naughty book.

If that’s not your thing, then it’s probably not for you, but if you fancy a look, it’s only cheap, and can be found here: ‘Lighting The Flame’.

Ok, on to my thoughts and decisions, which are around building the email list, and I’ll show you a couple of websites to help explain!

When I first started way back online, I published The Great Gordino Newsletter, which built up a following for my content on wealth creation, self improvement and goal achievement.

In fact you can see the same squeeze page I used back then, under my own domain name http://www.gordonbryan.com
When I tried to monetise that list though, it didn’t go down too well, as people told me they felt they were being sold to. This, combined with various personal reasons led me to drop it (I wish I hadn’t!)

When I came back to the online world, I set up this blog you are on now, thegreatgordino.com, with the idea of that being a place where people could get my content without having to sign up, and I could promote things in posts and around the blog.

So, no real sign up there, except an rss sign up, which sends an email to people when I make *any* post on the blog.

I also set up a different blog about making money from blogging, http://makemoneyblogging911.com which was to be used for my IM content. That *did* have a free report and sign up, which was a guide to my $101,000 Goal, and how to fund it by blogging.

What I found though, was that my focus was split between the two, that I didn’t feel I had one single place to drive people to.

So many coaches say you need to build a list, and to do that you send traffic to one place to sign up.

So, here’s what I think I might do, and it sort of follows a UK marketer you may have heard of, Martin Avis. When he started out his IM newsletter, he mentioned his family once for some reason or other, and the feedback he got was that people wanted to hear more about him.
That’s what he did, telling subscribers more and more about his personal life, but the key difference was his subscribers were on an IM list in the first place, so there was no problem with him continuing to promote products.

I think that’s what I should do – bring my content about blogging back to the main Great Gordino blog, and have a sign up for The Great Gordino Newsletter, which will focus on wealth creation, as a foundation to self improvement and goal achievement.

Do you think that will work?

Should I use my $101,000 report as the opt in report, or should I do what I did in the early days – have no report at all, just somewhere people could sign up if they wanted?

I’d love to hear what you think about which way I should go forward, I really would!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,

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  • Hi Gordon,

    I believe that you should continue to develop this site as it appears to do well.

    You said that you built a following with your newsletter before. When was that? Is it still applicable to today? If you think it is than why not use that worked before. Use your $101 000, report as a freebe if they sign up for the newsletter.


    • Hi Dita,
      It was back in 2003 the first time around, when there was no facebook, no twitter, etc – but back then guess what I used to build traffic? Forum posting, blog comments and articles! Solid techniques.

      I do want to go back to that route, this time will make people clear from the start that the newsletter has IM stuff in it. I have set up the opt in box and squeeze pages, with my report being sent to sign ups. Thanks for stopping by! How is the challenge going for you?