$101,000 Goal Update – July 3rd 2012

Another interesting week!

I’ve been trying to work out how to link to my motivational book on Kindle. Getting to the link is not the problem, the problem is that the links are different for the different countries’ amazon sites!

For example, if I put the link to the US site, anyone clicking from the UK for example will not be able to buy it. The buy button is replaced by a link to the UK site, but if someone clicks on that, they are taken to the kindle homepage, *not* the page for my book!

That’s a problem, as it means someone then has to type my name or the book’s name into the search box, and lots of people won’t take those extra steps.

Here’s the example of the link to the UK page:
‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

I would love any readers from outside the UK to tell me what they see where the buy button should be – thanks!

I’ve also managed to set up the affiliate page for my audio training ‘How To Make $30 Per Blog Post!’. This means affiliates can sign up for free, promote via their own link, and then earn 80% commission on any sales.
Here’s the link to the affiliate info if you are interested, which also gives more details about the product.
Affiliate details on my product to earn 80% commission

I’ve had this boost of action as a result of being on Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge, a 4 week course which has lots of people starting from scratch and setting up systems to allow them to progress in the area of making money online.

There is a community feel amongst the people taking part, and the action tasks set have involved us looking at each other’s work, a real test of accountability.

What I’ve got out of it is clear to see – the momentum to get my motivational book up on Kindle, plus my audio training about monetising your blog posts up and ready for sale.

I’ve also finished my romance novel for Kindle, which will hopefully be up there next week.

One decision has been brought to the fore by the challenge, and it’s about my Great Gordino newsletter. When I first started it back in 2003, I got a fairly large following for my content about self improvement and goal achievement, but when I tried to monetise the list, it didn’t go down well with the readers.

What I should do this time is to make it clear from the start that the wealth creation part of my content is at the centre, making the list about making money, and then the content about goal achievement all about the why we do it!

For example, I created a report on my $101,000 challenge, but had that as an opt in on another site to do with the money making. I think what I’ll do is bring all that back to this main Great Gordino site, and maybe have it as the opt in report here.

I’ll need to tweak it a bit, but it sound a good idea, and that’s my target for this week.

Watch this space!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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  • Hi Gordon,

    I’m from Malaysia and I seem to be able to click the buy button for your book.

    I just got my first book on Kindle yesterday and when I click the link to my book, it says the “Kindle edition is not available in your country”.

    Now I don’t really know which link I should send to people.

    All the best with the challenge!


  • Hi Gordon
    I’m glad you got the book sorted but those links are a problem.
    I have the same difficult with living in Spain and finally settled just with amazon.com links unless I send info to a specific person.
    I’m glad everything is going well for you

    • Hi Dave,
      Funnily enough, I posted a UK link, and someone told me they were able to buy from it in there country, so I might stick with that one!
      You’re right, it’s a pain though!
      Cheers, Gordon