$101,000 Goal Update – June 25th 2012

I hope all is well with you.

Well, I’m still finding I am having issues with time management – I just don’t seem to find enough of it!

This week I have been furiously focusing on the idea that getting something done is better than getting nothing done. Worrying about timing can lead to stopping altogether, so it’s important psychologically to appreciate the progress that any action brings.

It’s also important to prioritise – what is the most important thing to do next? The answer to that question should give you the task you should be doing!

Let’s look at my example…

I wanted to sort out my motivational book to get onto Kindle.
I wanted to finish writing my novel, because it has an Olympic theme, and the Olympics are only weeks away now.
I wanted to get my audio training product online and ready for sale, as it’s about making $30 per blog post and I think will sell well.
I also want to sort out what free download I am offering where!

So that’s a lot to fit in!

I had already updated my motivational book, and once it was up on Kindle, my main issue was trying to work out links to send people to. It seems that there is a different link for the .com site and the uk site. That’s a pain in the neck, and I’m still not sure entirely how to get around that other than putting up two links?

I did decide that I would make getting the audio training up and for sale as a priority, and last night I got there! It’s 70 minutes of audio, and I am running it on a dimesale, which means it starts at $7, and rises by $5 after every 10 sales until it hits $37 where it will stay (for now!)

It’s on sale via JVZoo, which means I can put an affiliate programme in place, ,paying 80% to anyone that wants to promote it. That means that people in the IM world can promote it to their lists – they get 80%, I get 20%

If you fancy a look yourself, here’s the link:
How To Make $30 Per Blog Post!

I think my next step should be sorting the download from my blog. At present there is a sign up box to get email alerts for new posts, but that is not the same as building a mailing list.

I have 2 options there – the first is a free 8 step goal achievement formula, and the second is a guide to making money blogging, which I started to offer via a separate blog.

I am tempted now to bring that download, and all the content from that other blog, back to my Great Gordino blog.

I had originally set it up as a separate blog to try and get better search engine rankings, but I never did get too far with that – I suspect I may have over optimised the keywords, which Google doesn’t like at all now.

I see other marketers have their money making content in amongst other content, so that seems a good idea.

I’m still not convinced myself about which to make my main download offer, the goal achievement steps, or the money blogging guide – any suggestions gratefully received!

As for the novel with the Olympic theme? It’s only going to be a short book anyway, and I did get a bit of writing done, but nowhere near as much as I would like -a few more hours in the day would be great!

Ok, I’ll wrap up now – you can see it’s been a busy week, and I still have plenty of article ideas that need to be written up too!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Don’t forget you can check out my new blogging training here, let me know what you think!
How To Make $30 Per Blog Post!

P.P.S. Here’s the .com link to my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’
Here’s the .uk link ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

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    • Ha thanks! There are so many opportunities that can be taken with what we have available, so it’ s what I intend to do!