$101,000 Goal Update – Mar 5th 2012

Here’s the latest update on the goal, and it’s audition time..!

I had the first audition on Wednesday. Even as late as the weekend I was still deciding which piece to do for my second choice.

I had asked for advice from various sources, and got advice both to go with the panto scene, and advice not to! I thought I would get old my old scripts and see if anything helped me make a decision.

As it happened, despite searching high and low, I couldn’t find them! That made my decision for me, and I decided to stick with a Henry Higgins speech from Pygmalion.

I took the train to the audition, simply because I wasn’t sure how the traffic would be at a time that seemed to me to be flirting with rush hour! I got there nice and early, and found myself standing in the college café looking at loads of other people who were also standing looking at each other!

After a couple of minutes I decided to take the plunge, and started talking to some of them, asking them if they were there for the same audition I was. They were, and it was nice to have a good old chat.

We then had 2 ex students show us around, and tell us what the audition process would be, including a short interview, which we hadn’t been told about previously. With my surname beginning with B, I was first in – no chance to warm up either voice or body, which added to the challenge.

I enjoyed having a little interview, as it gave me the chance to tell the course director more about myself, why I was there, my background, etc, and then it was time for the speeches.

He asked me which pieces I had chosen, and then he told me *he* would decide which one he wanted, as opposed to me choosing which was what we had been told.
He told me he wanted my Shakespeare, Shylock, and that he wanted to see it twice, once as I had prepared it and then he would ask me to do it differently.

So I did the speech, playing it to the ex student in the room, who helped by giving me back the straight plain face I was after. Then the director asked me to do it sitting on my hands.

That was that!

All the auditionees then had a group session about communication and working with space in the room, and it was all over.

We continued our chatting back to the train station, and now it’s back to waiting to hear the result – fingers crossed!

Ok, ’til next time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. The techniques and theories I am using for this goal are the same ones I write about in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

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