$101,000 Goal Update Mon 19th Mar 2012

The Great Gordino's $101,000 GoalHere’s this week’s update on the goal…

With the 3 year acting degree off the agenda, thanks to the (obviously) flawed decision of the college not to take me, I have been spending some time pondering about what to do on the performance side of things…

I’m still not quite sure – those that know me well will be aware that I can be terribly indecisive at times. That was part of the appeal of the course – it gave me a focus for 3 years, without having to make loads of decisions!

But, that option has gone now, so it’s on to other things. One of my ideas had been music – either joining a band, or starting one. Nothing wrong with either of those, but I do still quite like the idea of projects that rely on me without others – teamwork and support can be great, but it can also be great not having to consider/rely on others!

I nearly booked up a radio presenting course last year, to revive my interest in that field, but someone I know who has 20 years plus experience says it is a nightmare area to start out today.

The BBC is cutting massive swathes of local radio, and that means that former employees will be looking for work wherever it’s left, and their experience and contacts will squeeze newcomers even more than they ever were.

I have also spent this week looking at stand up comedy courses. Considering the state of my face these days, radio or stand up seem sensible avenues to investigate!

There is a stand up course near where I live, a one year module, but that only has a few hours a week, and costs a lot of money, much more than a second course I saw.

That second course seems to cover much the same ground, and it only takes 7 weeks.
That is also only a few hours a week, but is about a tenth of the cost of the other one.

I like that!

It’s only an introductory course, but it will give me a good feel of whether it’s something I could pursue – I’m very tempted…

On the raising of funds, I have moved my article writing course over to a new selling platform. If you want to know how and why I come up with articles like “Goal Achievement – Does Lady Gaga Have Sweaty Armpits?”, or “How To Make $30 With Every Blog Post!” or even “Why Is Serena Williams So Ugly?” then check out my course at: http://www.gordonbryan.com/articlecourse.html

For my internet marketing buddies, it has an affiliate programme paying $50 per sale. It’s available via JVZoo, or you can get in touch and I’ll direct you.

Ok, that’s it for this week.
‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,

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