3 Reasons Why People Don’t Achieve Their Goals!

Goal achievement theory is often dismissed as ‘happy clappy’ nonsense that doesn’t work. However, when people don’t achieve a goal, it’s often not the theory that’s the reason, but a failure to follow the theory. Read on for 3 big reasons – do any of them apply to you..?

1. Lack of belief.
If you believe your goal will happen, you will be more prepared to put in the effort needed, and to take the setbacks which may come along. Your brain will also start to focus on spotting opportunities and ideas.

There is another type of belief needed, and it’s a belief in yourself. There has to be a genuine belief that you are worthy and deserving of the goal. This means not being restricted by mental ‘glass ceilings’.

The lack of self esteem issue I just mentioned is a huge reason for this lack of belief, but another one is that the goal you are trying for is not your goal – it’s someone else’s.

It may be your parents, peer group or partner, but if it’s a goal *they* want, rather than a goal *you* want, the real desire will be lacking, and the real belief most certainly will be too. You have to want the goal yourself.

2. Lack of action.
Another reason for failing to achieve goals in a huge number of cases is lack of action.
Setting a goal does not equal achieving a goal. The goal setting process is only part of goal achievement, and too many times people think they are taking enough action by simply by setting the goals.

The thinking goes along the lines of ‘I’ve set the goal, now I just need to add positive thinking and the goal will happen, right?’

Er, wrong.
You need to take action. Then more action, then more again. In fact you need to continually take action until the goal is achieved. If you are going to just set a goal and take no further action, then don’t even bother setting the goal – it will never happen!

3. Lack of persistence.

You could just as easily call this one ‘lack of patience’, and it’s a third major reason for not achieving a goal. Too often people expect the process to bring instant results, but in fact even a cursory look at other people who have achieved the same goal will show that the instant result is just not possible.

Once you get to grips with needing to take action to achieve any goal, you need to keep taking action. Sometimes people stop taking action when they are so close to getting to the target. That may be because they had no way of knowing what was around the corner, when the path to the goal may not be crystal clear.

That’s a bit more understandable to me than people who stop short of the required action, even if the result is *assured* if the action were taken. In this case it comes down to personal choice, personal responsibility about how much you want the goal, and how much you are prepared to do to get it.

So, if you’ve failed to achieve a goal, did any of the reasons apply to you?

Did you really believe in the goal, or was it actually someone else’s goal in the first place? Did you take action towards it, or did you think that just setting the goal would have it come true by itself? Did you persist – were you patient enough to see it through to the end?

Any of those reasons could be enough for the process to fail, and fixing them can be enough to bring a whole new result.

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