3 Videos About Depression

I hope all is well with you.

September is suicide prevention month, and it occurred to me that I should do some videos with some thoughts about depression, having experienced it myself.

Since posting these I’ve had some questions/thoughts from people which make me think I should do some more, to expand on some of the ideas, but I wanted to get these up and out while it was still September. Of course, the actual month of posting is not really relevant to the message, but it was a handy prompt for me to get them done!

Video 1: Depression and the Power of The Nothing Thought:

Video 2: Depression, And Why I’m Giving You The Finger:

Video 3: Depression, Rainbows and Sequins…

They’re all under 10 minutes long, and I’d love to hear what you think. If you think there’s value that could help other people, then do feel free to share, either individual videos, or this whole blog post containing all 3.

I’ll sign off wishing you, as ever,
Health & Happiness,
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