3k a month progress as of Apr 1st

Someone asked me (thanks Steve) how progress was going with the coaching…

Well, it’s been an interesting journey so far. My week with Steven starts April 11th, so I viewed the time between when I paid (February) and April, as ‘bonus’ time.

Steven got me thinking of niche ideas, and then researching them.
That took quite a while, but eventually we settled on a subject in the field of health.
It’s a topic which affects me, so I had an interest in it, and keyword research showed enough others did too…

The plan was to create a clickbank review site, and use a free report to build a mailing list. All well and good, but when I got the products to review them, I found myself disappointed in them, and unable to recommend any of them!

So, my plan changed to creating my own ebook about it.
That was going along ok too, basically extending the free report, but I found a stumbling block…

The health issue concerned does not have a simple ‘magic’ solution, so I found myself wondering if my book was actually offering genuine help to readers. I decided to change the angle of the book, so that it made this point clear, that I was offering suggestions based on my own personal experience.
I feel this is an angle which still gives better value to readers than the other books I had previously read.

So, as of today April 1st, that’s where I am.
To be perfectly honest, although I will continue with that project, I have a feeling deep down that I need to revert to one of my previous ideas, which is the area of goal achievement/self improvement.

In that field I have my own book already written (back in 2003, you can see’Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’ via the box on the right)
It’s a subject I know very well, have used the ideas myself, and is something I can write about til the cows come home.

It’s a market with demand too, and I suspect that come April 11th, when my ‘official’ week starts, that’s the route I’ll be pressing!

So that’s my progress so far! Book mark the site and keep checking back on my updates, which will be much more regular come Apr 11th onwards. I’m also intending to set up a facebook group too.

Cheers for now,

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