3k A Month Update – May 2011

It’s early May 2011 as I write this, and it’s an update on my 3k a month challenge.
Starting on April 11th, the aim is to get to an income of 3k a month online, being coached by someone who makes a 6 figure a year income, Steven Wagenheim.

Together we settled on a niche, that of goal achievement/self improvement.

It’s a niche with enough demand, and many products to promote.
It’s also an area which I am passionate about, and created my own book.

I wrote ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’ back in 2003, going over the theories I have used, with examples, to go on some great adventures for over 25 years!

It fits the niche nicely, it’s already set up to sell via click bank, meaning I can get affiliates to promote it.

My plan is to drive traffic to join a mailing list, which I can then use to promote my book and other related products.

I’m very comfortable with all this, because I believe in it – I believe that what I offer will genuinely help people, that I am offering value for money.

I found a squeeze page template which is said to work well, and Steven helped me to come up with the wording.
Here’s the squeeze page

We have also worked together to make improvements to the actual sales page.

As for driving traffic, well that’s all about creating content. I don’t mind doing that, in fact I enjoy writing about the subject.

As well as submitting the articles to article sites, I will aim to get as much leverage from each one as I can.

I created a spreadsheet to keep track of where I have used each article.
I have a central blog set up, (this one!) because that’s something I’ve seen rank well for various keywords in my niche.

I publish each article on that blog first.
Then I found buttons for people to tweet and share on face book, so I have installed them. You will see them below this post.

I use them to post the articles to twitter and face book.

I am also getting into turning the articles into videos. I have seen other people start a video with face shot to camera, then go into slides, so that’s what I’ve tried, my first effort using that style can be seen here: var flag_0 = true; var i = 0; function playerState0(state){ if(state.data == 1){ if(flag_0 == true){ setTimeout(function(){get_fb_0();}, 10*1000); }else{ setTimeout(function() { $jq(‘#banner_0’).slideUp(500); }, 10*1000); } } } $jq(document).ready(function() { $jq(‘.close’).live(‘click’,function(){ $jq(‘#banner_0’).hide(); }); });

” target=cb> Using slides to turn article into video

I am also posting a bit more on forums, trying to get into some new ones in the niche too.

I want to start doing some guest blogging, posting on other people’s blogs.

The only drawback to this is that most of the good blogs require unique content. Not a massive problem, as I can simply rewrite an article.

The big plus point is that they maybe have good rankings, and/or a big readership, which means getting links to my own site, and readers in the niche aware of me and my style.

In researching these blogs, I am getting in touch with the good ones, to see if they want to promote the book as an affiliate. Creating relationships with affiliates will probably produce better results.

Once people get to the squeeze page and sign up, they get an 8 part email course, which is an extension of a chapter from the book, and 8 step goal achievement theory.

Ok, that’s about it on the update. It’s a long road ahead of content creation, which will drive traffic to the system which I have in place.

More next time – feel free to ask questions or get in touch!


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