A Quarter Of The Year Gone – How Has It Tasted So Far..?

As we pile into April, that’s 3 months of the year gone – a whole quarter! I wanted to write an article about that, and *just happened* to have some Easter Egg chocolate left to make an image to go with it…


"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino",


So, going with the chocolate analogy, how has the first quarter of the year tasted? If it’s tasted nice, then great, carry on enjoying the rest of it!


If it didn’t taste too good though, then it’s a good time to assess the way forward for the rest of the year – maybe you should try a different chocolate!


That’s probably enough with the chocolate idea, but the point is a key one.


If you didn’t make plans at the beginning of the year to do something different, then in all likelihood your year so far has gone pretty much the same as last year, and it will carry on doing so too!


It may seem like pretty simple logic, and it is, but it’s something that way too many people just ignore. They think that the ‘change fairy’ is going to come along and that results will be different with no change in the input.


Clearly it doesn’t work that way, and to drive different results, we need to target different results in the first place, and then take different actions to change the current direction.


Now, it could be that you haven’t enjoyed the first quarter of the year due to external circumstances, things you didn’t do, or maybe had no control over. Well, that happens in life, to say otherwise is just silly. As I often say, life isn’t always rainbows and sequins.


We may not be able to control everything that happens to us, but can control how we react. We can choose whether to not react at all, to just let things ride and let circumstance take us where it will.


Or, we can choose to take a pro-active stance, to put steps in place to make things different. The first quarter of the year results do *not* have to dictate how the rest of the year goes – you have 3 times left the amount of time already gone!


You can make no change at all, that’s your choice. Or, you can make small changes, that’s your choice. Or you can make *massive* change, and yes, that’s your choice too.


So, to sum up, I’m going back to looking at the chocolate (something I do often!) If you’ve enjoyed how the first quarter of the year tasted, then that’s great, all well and good. If it hasn’t though, you don’t have to eat the rest of it, or you can change flavour, change brand, or switch to eating something else altogether!


Ok, do let me know what you think, I love the feedback!


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