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Gordon Bryan here, that’s me above, and you have arrived at the homepage for The Great Gordino. As you look around the site, you’ll find my various projects, including The Great Gordino Newsletter, musical activities, self improvement, the books ‘wot I wrote’, making money onlinefrom your passions, and any other bits and bobs that spring to mind!

I’m updating the look of the blog October 2016, so it might take a while for bits to reappear that you might have seen before – do let me know if you miss something!

I’ll keep updating and improving the design as I go along, but one thing I mention in my self improvement/goal achievement book is to get started rather than wait until everything is right, so that’s what I’ve done!

Enjoy looking around, bookmark the page, and feel free to get in touch via the contact page, or on social media, Facebook is my own preference of those.

I’m amazed how many blogs I go to where the author doesn’t really want you to get in touch! I really do! You can leave a comment here, and also please do connect via that massive internet beast that is Facebook. You can click on the facebook picture on the right of any page.

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  • After reading The Great Gordino I decided to leave a nice comment for you. Keep up the great work, I want to read soon similar articles. Also your site loads up fast!

  • Hey Gordino, Great site and great articles! Wish I could write like you. Can’t wait for the next webinar on Dean Holland’s QSC. You seem to be a pro at this. I am still a very newbie and just did my first blog. Please check it out and leave a comment. Thanks

    • Hi Munir,
      I love writing, and I also love showing other people how to do the same! I believe anyone can do it, and that includes yourself! Getting your blog up there is massive action, you should be pleased with yourself.

      All the best!

  • Hi Gordon,

    ‘The Great Gordino’ sounds like a circus act!

    Are you in the self-improvement niche?

    I’m on Dean Hollands Quickstart Challenge – it will be interesting to see how we all progress. I’ve bookmarked your site to watch your progress



    • Hi Mark,
      Yep, The Great Gordino was an entertainment act I did, and I’ve used it as a brand name online for years!

      I am indeed in the self improvement niche – I love writing about it, because I believe that people can change their lives immeasurably by putting certain techniques into action!

      I’m using Dean’s challenge to give myself a nudge, excited by it so far!

    • Hi Kay,
      Thanks! I’m looking forward to using Dean’s course to make that extra push! Well done on winning the week 1 prize by the way!
      I’m excited about the ideas I have, you can see I love to write about goal achievement, etc, and look forward to us all moving forward together, cheers, Gordon

  • Hi,

    I’m a fellow QSC student who is also finding Dean’s course inspirational. I enjoyed your article about how scientist were able to decide how far away the Sun was and were only out by 1% and that was back in 1771, brilliant.

    Good luck on your quest.

    • Hi Rose,
      I also loved that story – more coming in Part 2! That’s the kind of content I want to progress in monetising, I have some good ideas, many of them in progress right now! Problem is almost having too many ideas buzzing around.
      Good luck with the challenge, Cheers, Gordon

  • Hi Gordino,

    as a fellow QSC’er I’d like to just say – wow !

    What an extraordinary site you have here. Largely due to you being a larger than life character I imagine. Your content is quite inspirational, and as soon as I saw your little ebook, I rushed for my kindle. Dead as a dodo. So it’s charging up right now, and as soon as it’s charged, I’ll download your book. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

    All the best in your $101k challenge. And with the college degree too bythe way. Fortune favours the brave.

    Best wishes from down under,

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your kind words. I have literally just got round to getting that book onto kindle instead of clickbank, so hope people will enjoy it.

      I’m looking forward to the burst of enthusiasm from this challenge, have just finished creating an audio product, giving training on how to monetise blog posts – next step is to get that up and ready for sale!

      I was born in Melbourne, but only stayed there a few weeks, never been back, so not much of an accent, but feel an affinity with you lot down there! Cheers, Gordon

  • Hi to the Great Gordino,

    How could I not post a comment, I just couldn’t resist writing your name, I think it is wonderful

    I’m on Dean’s QSC challenge to and I’m using it to get myself out of my comfort zone and get things done and that has got to be worth something…
    ..it has also lead my path to your site.

    Isn’t it strange how the universe works its fate.

    Good luck with everything. I’m off to browse around your site now….


    • Hi Dave,
      thanks for your words. I’m really impressed with the action that people have taken so far – I think Dean’s enthusiasm helps!

      Up to us to keep it going now! Cheers, Gordon

  • Loved your analogy with goal setting to science… I think that’s a part of goal setting we sometimes overlook. Our goals are actually “theories” to some degree. Some work well; others don’t. But they can, and should, be changed if needed.

    And with those goals reached? Pat yourself on the back, then do it again. It inspires and motivates us to do more. So let me pat you on the back! You’ve have a masterful, creative blog, Gordino.

    Best to you in Dean’s challenge!

    Linda B.

    • Thanks for your kind words Linda,
      I love writing about goal achievement theories, because I’ve used them to unlock some great adventures, and am still doing so today.

      Good luck to you too with the challenge!

    • Thanks Miriam!
      I do enjoy the writing, so appreciate it when others enjoy reading me waffling! Onwards and upwards for all of us in the challnge!