Are You Allowing Your Dreams To Soar This Year?

"The Great Gordino", "goal achievement", "The Great Gordino"I write a lot about New Year Resolutions. A lot. I write about them at, er, New Year, but I also write about them at many other times of year, because I think they are fraught with danger in the goal achievement arena. This is just one of those articles, prompted by a run in the sunshine…

Late January, a lovely mild sunny day, with the recent snowfall pretty much gone. I decided I needed to go for another run, so set off on my route down to the water near me. There are always lots of people walking down there, and as I saw one man feeding the gulls, I decided to take a picture.

It took me a while to decide to take the picture, and by the time I managed it the picture was in the same league as my running – not very good! You can just about see the gull though, soaring on the breeze, and it’s that image on a late January day that prompted me to write….

So, did you make any New Year Resolutions? If you did, how are they going? Failed already, maybe dismissed with a laugh? Well, if that’s the case, the rest of the year is likely to go the same way, meaning the same actions getting the same results (they usually do!)

Instead of letting that happen, why not take inspiration from the soaring seagull and let your dreams soar!

Most people never really go for their dreams, because they fail on one or more of the vital steps of the process.

Belief – if you don’t have the belief, you’ll either never even start towards your goals, or you’ll give up at the first obstacle. You need to believe both that the goal will happen, and that you are worthy of it happening to you.

If you think it only happens to others, get rid of that idea.

Define your goal, work out the steps needed to get there, all the way backwards to where you are now, and then take action by moving on that first step. Then keep going.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it! It sounds *too* simple for many people, who dismiss it as clap happy nonsense, with no connection to the gritty realities we often have to deal with.

I have written for years, that setting out on this path will not guarantee the result – I have no illusions about those gritty realities. Yes, they exist. Yes, they will pop up at the most inconvenient times. Yes, they may stop you getting where you want to go.

However, as much as any life realities *may* stop you getting what you really want, doing nothing certainly *will* stop you getting what you really want.

We live in a world full of amazing opportunity. Technological advances mean we can connect with each other all over the world at minimal cost. If you are reading this, it’s likely you have opportunities only dreamt of by previous generations, and not even dreamt of today by millions and millions around the world who don’t have the chances you have.

Yes, you.

Not me, this article isn’t about my goals, it’s about yours. If you’ve fallen for the New Year Resolution trick, again, then take the decision that this is the year you will make your dreams soar – what’s stopping you?

I love feedback, so do let me know what you think!

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Health & Happiness,
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P.P.S. You’ll enjoy my motivational book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

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  • Fab! Lovely blue sea and sky too! We need to be reminded frequently about this message. It’s so easy to fall at the first hurdle, as you say. Particularly in the UK we can be a bit reluctant to have dreams, and without a dream we’re never going to get off the starting blocks. And obstacles can put us off, although in fact they’re actually signs that we’re moving along the path. If I listen to that pesky negative voice, I’ll hear all the reasons I shouldn’t be trying to write my book, or do the other projects that I have underway, but the most certain way not to succeed is to listen to that voice and not give it a go. If I don’t try I’ll never know! I have a vision board above my desk with words on it, as I’m not too good with finding the right pictures, and one of them is “fly”. I’ll think of your gull when I look at it! Thanks for the inspiration. H

    • Your description of the negative voice as ‘pesky’ is spot on – very pesky, with *lots* of reasons not to follow goals!
      The vision board with words is another idea that gets dismissed too often, but it really can help to provide inspiration during both the good and bad times – thanks for the reminder of an excellent add on to the armoury!

  • Hello Great Gordino!

    I like the part that you reminded us that we have opportunities that previous generations only dreamed of…good to remember when one is feeling at a loss.


    • Hi Jean,
      It’s something that’s taken so much for granted, isn’t it? Remembering it a bit more coculd do wonders for so many people.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • With the rise and rise of social media in half a generation we small businesses have more chance than ever. It’s a tidal wave we could surf or sink in. I am doing my darndest to make it. I hope we all do 🙂

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head there Janice, now anyone can compete with the ‘big boys’ remarkably easily.

    • Thanks Linda,
      I love how we can get triggers to write about something from other blogs, and obstacles certainly can be viewed as progress!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Great article on taking those small steps, that one by one, make a giant leap! At the end of your article, you mention the millions and millions that haven’t dreamt of the opportunities that I have. For me, that doesn’t indicate that I have merely lucked out and they haven’t. What I dream of, is bringing more and more of these millions into the fold; into the category of the “haves.”

    We too casually accept things as they are and rarely give a second thought to whether or not society can be changed. The gaps are only getting wider between haves and have nots. Is that just a matter of our lot in life? No. The haves are graced with more, so more is expected of us. Time to close the gap and bring everyone into the fold.

    The last section of your article caused me to pause, reflect and share. Thanks!

    • Cheers!
      You make some great points – I agree with the idesa of bringing more people into the world of the ‘haves’ – if we can do it, we should.
      Also that it’s up to us to change things we don’t like, rather than just accepting them ‘as is’. It’s always helpful to consider the lot of those less fortunate.
      Thanks for the thoughts,

    • Full steam ahead! I’m still getting together my coaching programme, and your book about the Music of Business looks good – your writing aims primarily to change business leaders minds through music analogies, but it also works for personal development, which is why I enjoy it!

  • Resolutions without KPI (to track progress and to keep the goal in mind) are absolutely useless.
    I want to fly to the moon can be a resolution- but unless I have steps to build my rocket ship, find provisions to make the journey less perilous, and figure out how I get home- nothing will ever come of them.

    • Agreed Roy,
      Those steps are indeed needed for dreams to be realised, as is the belief in the first place. Your example of going to the moon is a great one of letting dreams soar – why not!