Are You An Echo, Or Are You A Voice..?

Here’s another personal development look at one of my quote images, and it echoes something I’ve voiced before…

It’s up to you, it’s always a choice,
Are you an echo, or are you a voice?”

I took that photo on a lovely stroll in the woods, and when I thought of the words, it struck me that it would go well with the image, with the angle of the picture showing one tree standing alone against a background of others standing together.

I’m a big believer, in being your own voice, and in fact, let’s get right to that point – it could be argued that in all my content, I’m not only repeating some point over and over, but I’m repeating points made by other people.

Doesn’t that make me an echo, rather than a voice? What’s so wrong with being an echo anyway?

Valid questions!

Yes, I do make the same points over and over, and no, I’m not the first to ever make them. In that respect I am indeed an echo, but I’m being an echo of my *own* voice! I make the points over and over, because it’s a message I’ve believed for decades. I know how valuable it’s been for me, and I know the value it can bring to others.

Sometimes making the point from a different angle can see it hit home to someone in a better way than others.

In this case, I make no apology for echoing my own voice!

When it comes to asking what’s so wrong with being an echo anyway, the answer is that it’s not *necessarily* wrong at all! My point is that if you are acting in a certain way to echo someone else, you simply need to be *aware* of the fact, and that means being aware of what your own voice is!

It could come down to simple things like having your hair the same way as everyone else, because it’s the fashion and you want to fit in. That makes you an echo.

It could be wearing the clothes you might think look silly, but because everyone else is wearing them you want to fit in. That makes you an echo.

It could be talking in a certain way, voicing opinions which are harmful or hurtful to others, not because you believe them but because you want to fit in with your crowd. That makes you an echo.

It could be following a career because that’s what your parents did. Echo.

It could be casting your vote one way because your parents do, or a newspaper tells you to. Echo.

Saying you like a type of music when you don’t. Echo.

And so on, and so on, you get the idea.

"Gordon Bryan", "personal development",

Of course, if you genuinely like music, clothes, hairstyles, sports, the same as the current fashion, then great! Yes, you’re being an echo, but it’s not wrong, because you’re being yourself.

That’s the key here. Be yourself. If you like things that aren’t the fashion, how about ignoring the fashion! That makes you a voice.

How about being such a voice that others start to follow you – every echo has to have a voice at the start somewhere, so why shouldn’t it be you? Do what you want, say what you think, do the work you want, follow your passions, chase your dreams – not only will you find it a liberating experience in life, you’ll find that others will start to echo the movement you start!

Of course, you might not want to start any movements, and that’s fine, that’s not really what this piece is about – it’s more about making sure that you are being you!

Don’t sign up to other people’s agendas, don’t put your happiness in the hands of others, don’t give up the direction of your life by echoing others.

Take control, choose your own direction, and if others follow then so be it, and if they don’t then so be it also!

As I said in my words right at the beginning, and over the photo of the tress in the woods, it’s up to you, it’s always a choice, are you an echo, or are you a voice?

Ok, I’d love to hear what you think, do leave a comment!

‘Til Next Time,
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