Ask Yourself This – Why Not?

This latest personal development article looks at another of my quote images. I took the picture at Reculver, on the Kent coast on a lovely 2015 sunset, and the question I’ve put over the top is simple…

Yes, there are 3 questions there, but the list could have been a lot longer, all starting with the same 2 words…WHY NOT?

I hear it all the time, I see people post it all the time on social media – they wish things were like this, they wish things were like that, and when the question is asked why they don’t do something about it, the most common answer is ‘oh, I couldn’t do that!’

The responses are variations on that theme, that whatever the situation is, it’s not something that can be changed.

I ask again – why not? Why can’t it be changed? Why can’t it be changed by you? Why can’t something be done now?

If people moan about their surroundings, their job, their house, their relationships, their finance, I ask again – why not? Why can’t it be changed, why can’t it be changed by you? Why can’t it be started now?

It’s always challenging for people to be asked the question, because it’s not a question they have seriously considered before, so they aren’t able to put it into words. That’s a key point, because the lack of formulation of actual reasons behind the ‘nothing can be done’ response, allows it to flow around as nothing more than a vague concept.

The problem is, this vague concept has the power to rule and shape our life, because we let it fool us into thinking that the status quo is the only way. If we think there is only one way, then we only act one way, and that way will leave everything unchanged, which in turn is seen as evidence that it ‘has to be that way!’

So, when challenged about why changes can’t happen, if we delve deeper, we normally get to reasons of belief and fear.

Belief of not being good enough, a fears of failing, fears of it being too hard, fears of others laughing at us.


I can understand how a mindset like this comes to be, I can. If it’s drummed into us, by our peers and then by ourselves (!), then why *wouldn’t* it become our default way of thinking?

Yes, I can understand it, but I also *know* that it most certainly doesn’t have to be that way.

"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"

The belief of not being good enough normally comes from no more than being told it by others! More often than not it doesn’t come from actually finding out, taking action to try, and *then* see what happens. Taking action might show that you have a lot to learn, in which case, great! Set off and start learning.

The fears of failing or it being too hard, well they also tend to come from the imagination, thinking about failure rather than finding out in reality.

If we stop answering the ‘why not’ questions with negative answers ungrounded in factual trial, and replace them with answers of ‘I don’t know, let’s find out’, then, oh, life changes!

Life changes right there and then, and if followed through, can change it beyond recognition – it can transform it.

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  • HA! “Why not?” is sort of like the old “…and then what?” that drives down to the heart of what/why you’re not doing what you want to be doing and what/why exactly is stopping you.

    • Indeed, that’s it precisely! It’s such a powerful exercise, and can really cut through the noise and nonsense, and can be a revelation – this is why I try to get as many as possible to do it!
      Cheers, Gordon