Bench The Failure – A Goal Achievement Masterclass!

I hope all is well with you.

This post concerns a little experiment I am conducting, after reading a newspaper article where someone did the same kind of thing. I was tempted to have a go to see if worked, because the author of that article was worried by something that has been worrying me also.

I’ve seen various offers online about courses, or help, to get someone to be a ‘bestseller’ on Amazon.

The advantage of that is that ‘Best Selling Author’  is a line which helps coaches, writers, speakers, authors, build authority to their own brand.

That sounds all well and good, but there are problems…

Firstly, ‘Best Seller’ is extremely vague!

Secondly, these courses and offers can be expensive, running into thousands of dollars!

Thirdly, it’s something that can be done by anyone at virtually no cost, without need for such expense!

I saw an article online from The Observer about someone running an experiment to see if he could ‘knock up’ a book to get himself labelled a ‘Best Seller.’  He went on to show how he indeed pulled it off!

It made me smile, and I instantly thought of doing it myself to spread the message, so…

I decided to call the book ‘Bench The Failure – A Goal Achievement Masterclass’ because in truth, it genuinely *is* a goal achievement masterclass! I’ve decided to do something, set it as a goal, worked out how to do it, then set about taking action – that’s the good old goal achievement formula in a nutshell!

So, I’ll update this post with screenshots, but basically, I started the project at 4pm on Feb 25th, and by 6pm, not only had I finished the book, it had *already* gone through the Amazon publishing process, and was available to buy on the website!

You can see it here:
Gordon’s ‘Bench The Failure’ book on Amazon

I priced it at the minimum of just 99 cents, and if you fancy, you can take part in the experiment!

The more people that buy it, the better the chances of hitting the ‘Best Seller’ tag, which will prove the experiment – so, if you fancy buying it, I’ll even pay you back your money! As it happens, I think that taking part in the experiment will be fun, and worth 99 cents, but since the book (as part of the experiment) is only one page with a picture of the bench and a link to this very post, the offer stands that I’ll pay you your money back if you wish.

As for the bench? Well, I took that photo Feb 16th, and have already used it as one of my series of ‘quote images’.  When I read the article, the title of ‘Bench The Failure’ came to mind right away, so I used it – simple as that!

"Blue Bell Hill, Feb 2016"

I’d love to hear what you think! (and of course as a buyer of the book!)

It’s a fun experiment, (but with a serious potential point) so do bookmark, or sign up for updates!




Well, here’s the update, one day later, and it’s done it!
I was going in to change the categories, as I thought the ones I had picked (well, Amazon seemed to have picked when it published) were too big for the experiment to work. While I was there, I saw that it had hit the number 1 spot! BEST SELLER!  

Here are the pics:
"Gordon Bryan" "The Great Gordino"

"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"

How many sales did that take?

Well, finding out on Amazon seems a maze of difficulty, but I know of the grand total of 6 people who told me they had bought. There could be more, as some people were kind enough to share the project around, but I’m going with 6!
One buyer left a review, so that was it! 6 sales, 1 review, 1 photo, 1 page, 1 idea and a bit of cheek to get on and do it, and I’m now an Amazon best seller!

What does this experiment show?

Well, it shows what can be done when you take action – that’s one of my favourite words.

I had a goal, and I believed it could work because I had seen someone else do it.
I knew the plan, because someone else showed me their plan.

I took the action, and asked for help via social media.

Other people took action, based on me asking, and ‘asking‘ is another of my magic words when it comes to goal achievement!

Then it was a case of waiting to see what happened, and the result came through!

In addition to the basic goal achievement lesson, it also gives an internet marketing lesson for anyone interested – I’ve seen courses offering this kind of thing, running with costs/fees into the thousands! Don’t spend that money!

I’ve just shown you what can be done with 1 page in 1 day, and the only cost was a bit of time.

I’d love to hear your comments!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Remember, if you’d like to take part in the experiment, here’s the link again:
Gordon’s ‘Bench The Failure’ on Amazon

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  • It is certainly a great thing to accomplish a goal and have others partake in the experiment. WE all know this is based on categories, but you simply have proof now that you can hit the top sellers and not sell that much on amazon as it is based on per day/hour.

    Congrats though, and to many more successes!


    • Thanks Devon,
      I was surprised it managed it in the Psychological Education & Training – that didn’t seem that obscure a category to me. I was pleased it worked though, as it does show there is no need to pay thousands for a course/service from others, and that’s the real reason behind the experiment.