Britain’s Got Talent – A Goal Achievement Yawn?

April 2011, and a new series of Britain’s Got Talent starts. Is it another chance to soak up some great goal achievement lessons? Or, has it all got a rather predictable, a bit boring even? This article takes a look…

It’s almost impossible to hear the words ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ without thinking of Susan Boyle. She didn’t even win her series, but has gone on to sell millions of records, and make millions of pounds.

Maybe you don’t know who Susan Boyle is (where have you been?). If so, she was the woman who came on for her audition looking dowdy and middle aged, and then wowed the audition with her singing voice. The video went viral on youtube, and she was in demand all over the world.

Still is.

Before Susan though, it was a chap called Paul Potts. He came on looking awkward and uncomfortable, but then wowed the audience with his singing voice. The video went viral on you tube, etc, etc.

The show itself is a formula of success, make no mistake, because it makes bucket loads of money. It has huge TV ratings, and the reason behind that fact is the reason why it is *not* too boring to still take goal achievement lessons from…

It gets great ratings partly because people want to laugh at the bad auditionees, yes, but mainly because people want to get the feel good factor from seeing someone ‘normal’ hit the big time.

People like to be reminded of what someone can achieve if they get on their feet and take action towards their goal. Watching someone else go outside their comfort zone, refusing to accept limits that may have been placed on them, can inspire people to believe that they can do the same.

It doesn’t work out for everyone that tries out on the show, sometimes it fails spectacularly. Well, that’s life – it’s not always guaranteed, and it’s that lack of guarantee that holds so many people back.

Imagine grasping the chance to change your future though! You may not want to be an entertainer, but is there anything you want to do, which you think of as an unattainable goal?

That goal may be much more attainable than you think – why not take a new series of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ as your starting point? Will you just sit back and watch, or will you take on the challenge of your goal, and see how far you have got by the time the next series starts?

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