Celebrate Your Successes – No Really, DO!

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This article takes a closer look at a point which isn’t just for big heads…

Celebrate your successes. No, really, DO!

Let’s take the subject of being big headed right away. Let’s take it head on, you might say…

‘Big headed’ can probably also be called ‘arrogant‘, and although it’s a sweeping generalisation, the idea of celebrating success can seem to suggest being arrogant – so am I suggesting that?


The reason the idea of being arrogant or big headed is looked down on, is because no-one really likes those kind of people, the people that shout to anyone who’ll listen (and those that don’t!) about how great they are, what they’ve done, and so on.

No, I’m not suggesting being arrogant or big headed, but I *am* suggesting that while we should use different words, and do it in a different manner, we DO celebrate our successes.

We can, and *should* be proud of things we achieve, and we should have self confidence in the skills and abilities we have learnt along the way. That’s a good thing! If we’ve set out with purpose, taken the time and put in the effort to get results, then why shouldn’t we celebrate!

This also means that when we engage with others, and the subject of our successes come into play, we should have no problem being quietly self confident in our abilities. This is not done to act superior, or make others feel below us, because that’s exactly what the big heads do!

No, we should do it in a way that helps others to move forwards too, do it from a position of confidence, positivity and abundance.

What if others call us arrogant or big headed?

Hmm, that’s an interesting one…

It could be that you are indeed coming across that way, and if so, then take the feedback on board and adjust your manner accordingly.

Or, it could be that people are calling you arrogant simply out of jealousy, or because it shines a light on their own *lack* of success as a result of lack of effort.

Or, it could be because the people thinking you arrogant are so down on themselves, that they just can’t accept the possibility that they themselves could have successes to celebrate, so find it hard to accept that others can.

It’s these cases where you can send out ripples of positivity – instead of simply listing off your own successes, (which is what the big heads do), you could ask what the *other* person has achieved. Celebrate their successes for them, and help them to learn to see it themselves.

This is a great way to be positive about your own successes.

If you don’t celebrate your successes, then you are harming your own progress, because you’re telling your brain that to set goals is a bad thing, because to achieve and celebrate them is a bad thing.

They aren’t, and it isn’t!

As well as paying attention to how you celebrate your successes with others, you also need to pay attention to how you celebrate them on your own. Be careful that you don’t slant your self dialogue with the angle of ‘oh,it only happened because of this, or because of that, I was lucky, oh shucks it’s nothing, it won’t happen again, it’s nothing’ and so on.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, and is harmful as I mentioned earlier. That kind of self talk should be replaced with ‘yes, I set it, I achieved it, I worked hard, I’m responsible for that success, I engineered it, it was good for me and those around me, and I’ll be doing it again.’

Can you see the difference? It’s a key point on the journey of self improvement and personal development.

So, don’t hold back from celebrating your successes. Do take care in how you do it in the company of others, and just as importantly, take care in how you do it when talking to yourself!

Does celebrating your successes makes you arrogant or big headed? No, it doesn’t, not if you do it the right way, so look to your own successes, both in the recent past, and over the long term – are you taking enough time to celebrate them in the way they and you deserve? If not, it’s time to *start* celebrating them. No, really, DO!

"Gordon Bryan", "self improvement",

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