College Open Day

When I studied the college’s website, I saw that they had Open Days, and it seemed sensible to hop along to one.

The Rose Bruford College is well known for drama training, and the degree is a recognised qualification. That means that it opens the doors to good agents, the kind of agents that have good contacts, and will only look at people who have the sort of recognised qualification I’m going for.

Of course you have to take other things into account, like individual ability, and luck, but getting the qualification leading to getting a good agent seem sensible steps to take.

I went along to the Open Day, about a 30-45 minute drive. I noticed something pretty soon after I got there – that being around people who are comfortable with the thought of working in entertainment makes me feel comfortable.

I first noticed this when I started my first entertainment job, at a theme park back in 1995 – I felt at home, as if I was where I was supposed to be.

The professors gave presentations about their courses, and then we had a tour of the site, and went into classes of 1st year students.
That was a bit of a shock to me, because they all seemed to act like 18 year olds.

Now, of course that shouldn’t be a shock, because 1st year degree classes do tend to be filled with 18 year olds! It did make me wonder though, if all that hyperactivity might be too much for me.

Since then I’ve decided 2 things –
Firstly, the whole world of entertainment is full of young people, so I had better get used to it- plus, being around younger people keeps you younger mentally, so it will do me no harm.

Secondly, there are only 30 places available, with thousands applying, so maybe I should see if I get a place first, before worrying about the finer points!

All in all it was an exciting day – it pressed my buttons and made me intent on following through with the application process.

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