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    • Hi Steve,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I have also followed and bought from Steven over the years, so was keen to take up this coaching offer. I have written a new post to give an update – click the 3k a month category on the right and it will come up.

  • Hi,
    Hi Gordon,
    I just watched your video about the Pastis/Watterson story. You missed the whole point in why Bill wanted to do the cartoons. how do I know this? I formed Team Cul de Sac, to raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s research in honor of our friend Richard Thompson. That is why Bill came back. To raise awareness and money for The Michael J Fox Foundation.
    Read the exclusive on the story at the Washington post or go to our blog. Please email me if I can help enlighten your POV on the story.
    Chris Sparks

  • Hi Gordon,

    Happy New Year top you too.

    Have you ever heard of Luis Suarez, used to play for Liverpool FC and now at FC Barcelona? Well you remind me of him in your picture above, especially in that pose, as he was found guilty of biting his opponents on more than one occassion!!

    All the best