Content Creation – Do I Practice What I Preach?

"The Great Gordino", "Gordon Bryan"In some of my latest articles I’ve featured different ways to go about content creation. I’ve been asked to give some examples, so in this article I’m going to do just that – giving you examples from the last 30 days..!

In those articles, three techniques I mentioned were reusing content you’ve used before, a tip to get through writer’s block, and a tip about letting the title write your article.

Let’s start with the first – reusing content you’ve used before. I happen to mainly write in the fields of goal achievement and how to use blogs to make money. Both of those subjects have plenty of points to make, but once you’ve made them, where do you go for your next content?

Well, you make the same points again, but build them on a different foundation.

So, one point I’ve written about in the past is how to get started on a piece of writing if you are struggling, with the being to just start putting any words down, to get past the mental barrier of the blank page.

I decided to use that point again, and based it around a title of how to convert an idea into actual content. So, I was recycling a point I had made before.

I started to write that article by using the exact starting technique I was talking about in it! That meant I simply wrote down the key points I wanted to make and possible ways of putting the point across.

I had intended to use the entertainer Rolf Harris as the centre point of the article, because I had heard the tip from him a few years ago when he was talking about his paintings.

What I found though, was that as I expanded on the first bullet points, the article was writing itself without having to go into depth about the Rolf Harris example.

That meant that I could use the Harris story in another article, making the same point yet again, and yet again on a different foundation!

That’s precisely what I did, using Rolf Harris in the title to create curiosity, plus framing the title as a question, which is also a great way to get someone to read, simply to see how you answer that question!

Once I’d come up with that title, and since I already knew the point I wanted to make, it was pretty easy to come up with the article, simply using the story behind the Harris tip and relating it to writing.

So, that’s just 2 articles written in the last 30 days, just in the field of blogging, which are examples of the 3 points I make. Firstly I reused ideas I’ve already written about, secondly one of those ideas actually helped to get the article started, and thirdly the process of writing it brought a title to into my head which allowed another article to follow.

Each article provided useful information to readers even if they read all my stuff, but many readers *won’t* read all your stuff, so don’t fret about making the same points repeatedly.

By the way, when I say 2 of my articles written in the last 30 days are using the ideas, it ’s really 3 at least, because as you’ve probably realised this article itself is built on those same points – how’s that for showing that a technique works!

Ok, that’s it for today, here are those other articles so you can see some results of these tips!
A Writer’s Block Beating Tip From Rolf Harris?
Struggling To Turn That Article Idea Into Actual Content?

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    • Hi Wendy,
      Certainly with my blog I make no apology about repeating the messages, because I believe them. Coming back to them at different angles might hit home with someone who wasn’t struck previously!

    • Ah yes Roy, but your writing is prolific and looks like it comes without too much problem. These tips are mainly for those who hit a barrier, so I thought it was worthwhile to demonstrate my tips in practice.
      Also, I think that because a lot of your writing is based on current events or thoughts you come across, much like mine, there is at least an element of using one of the tips – making the same point used previously but based on a different building block?
      Thanks for stopping by, appreciated as ever,

    • Agreed, nothing wrong with driving the point home – I try not to sledgehammer it in, but my view is that if I think there’s something worth mentioning, I’ll go for it!

  • You’re a savvy marketer, GreatG, and these are great points. Might I add, if you make personal relationships, and if you have a good voice, (which you do) people will generally want to read what you write, no matter what it says!

    thanks for another great post!

    • Thanks for your kind words Amy, much appreciated! While we’re about it, I will say to anyone reading this, that I enjoy Amy’s blog, because it has stories with pictures from her actual life, told in an engaging way which makes me smile, so if you like my style, you’ll enjoy hers. There’s also a picture of her as a young girl punching another girl right in the eye…