Do You Allow Yourself To Just Breathe In The Happy?

This article is the next in the series delving deeper into the points I make in my quote images…

Do you allow yourself to just breathe in the happy?

The driving force behind my point here, is attitude, and specifically, perception.

Something I see a lot of people moaning about is the things that stop them being happy –

Why can’t so and so do this..?
Why can’t so and so do that..?
I’ll be happy when..?
I can’t be happy until…

If you say any (or all!) of these, then you are placing your happiness in the hands of others. You’re saying it’s not up to you whether you’re happy or not. That gives you a reason for not being happy, or more accurately, an *excuse.* There’s a difference, and it’s a crucial one.

You’re excusing yourself from being responsible for your happiness, and you’re excusing yourself from taking the action needed to get what you actually want in life. That would require setting goals, and more than that, taking action towards those goals, It’s so much easier to fall back into putting the blame on others, or circumstances, right?

In fact, while I mention goals, lets look a little closer at a mistake you could be making if you *are* a goal setter…

If you set goals, and take action towards them, then I take my hat off to you, and you should be proud of yourself. Proud of yourself for doing something that the majority are either not aware of, or not prepared to face up to and do the work for.

It is possible though, that in setting your goals you may have made a mistake which is reducing your happiness. Have you told yourself that achieving your goals will make you happy? You may have even set ‘being happier’ as one of your goals.

If so, you’ve built problems into your goals, and it’s something that needs correcting.

If you think that achieving your goal will make you happy, then you are implying that happiness is an end result rather than an ongoing process, that you somehow cross some finish line and become happy.

It doesn’t work like that, and even worse, if you tell yourself that your happiness is a future event dependent on a result, then you are telling yourself that you aren’t happy *right now*.

It’s easily done, I’ve done it myself, but it’s a goal setting flaw which must be recognised and dealt with.

So, what’s the idea behind the image, allowing yourself to breathe in the happy..?

"Gordon Bryan", "personal development",

Well, it’s as simple as it seems – you can shift your attitude away from happiness being a future event, or dependent on others, to an attitude that happiness is available for you in the here and now.

That’s because it *is* available in the here and now!

If you focus on the abundance you have, (and if you’re reading this on a device, you have a mass of abundance!) and be grateful for it, then guess what, that can mean happiness, if you let it.

You can do simple things like smile at people, and you’ll be amazed at how many people smile back.

You can take a short trip to open air – the park, the woods, the seaside, and breathe in the fresh air. Fill your lungs and if you smile at the same time, you’re breathing in the happy!

As I said, it’s an attitude twist, a perception shift, and it’s something that’s available to you now.

Am I saying you should walk around with an inane grin on your face no matter what? No, I’m not saying that – that would be silly – of course there are times in life when we aren’t happy. To suggest otherwise is simply not sensible.

What I am saying though, is that you can decide to look at life from an angle of appreciation and happiness, or you can choose not to.

So, think about your own attitude – do you tell yourself you can’t possibly be happy right now, because this or because that? How do you view the idea of simply *letting* yourself be happy now? Could you just breathe it in?

Let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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  • This is so true. It is the whole journey, each moment of it. Let’s face it, tomorrow might not even be there so we might as well enjoy today. It really is the simple things in each and every day that make a difference isn’t it. Great post.

    • Thanks Kama,
      You are right to mention the simple things. When we retrain ourselves to find the pleasure in the simple things, it’s amazing how the contentment then spreads out, and can help us with the not-so-simple things!

  • Great article this and so indicative at how many people live at “affect” rather than “cause” and blame everything in their lives on events and other people as though they have no control over events whatsover.

    • Thanks Garth!
      It always comes as a bit of a surprise at how people react when told they are responsible for their own happiness, and more so, that it can be found all around them.
      Seeing the realisation hit home is a great thing though, because that door has now been opened for someone.