Do You Love Yourself Enough For Valentine’s?

February 14th 2011, and Valentine’s Day rolls around again. For lots of industries it’s a massive day, vitally important to the success of the whole year. Lots of businesses are catching on, thinking that they too can grab a piece of that Valentine’s Day pie. It makes the whole thing a commercial heavyweight, and we are bombarded more and more about what we should buy for our loved one. Here’s the thing though, and it’s a question which you should ask – do you love *yourself* enough…

I briefly mentioned about being hit by offers for what you should buy your loved one, but behind that is a pressure that you should have a loved one in the first place! Heaven forbid you should be single come February 14th!! That would never do!
Actually, yes it will do very nicely thank you for some people.

I’ve had Valentine’s come where I’ve been all loved up, and I’ve had (more) of them come where I’ve been single. If you love yourself enough, being single is not an issue, because you are able to enjoy the positives that this can bring. Some of the happiest people are single, and some people in relationships can be the saddest and loneliest – it’s not all roses and chocolates!

If you are in a happy relationship, great! The point I’m trying to make here is about focusing on yourself, your own needs and wants. Not just for Feb 14th, but for life in general.
Is there something you feel you need to do with your life that you haven’t?
Are you going where you want to?
If not, then why not? These are key self improvement questions, and Valentine’s is just as good a day as any other to ask them.

If you follow certain goal achievement techniques, you can open doors that you thought were closed, you can send yourself down roads that you thought were cluttered with roadworks.

You can genuinely amaze yourself with what you are actually capable of. So, on the day when we are urged to think of that special one we love, ask yourself if you are showing enough love to yourself as well.

This kind of self analysis and goal achievement is exactly the kind of thing I write about in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21Days!’

I was thrilled to have it described as ‘motivational magic’ and ‘a true gem in the field’.
Why not go and grab your copy right now – even if it’s 2am in the morning!

Health & Happiness,
Transform Your Life In 21 Days by Gordon Bryan

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