Do You Say ‘I Surrender’ To Your Goal Achievement Needs?

I love discovering goal achievement stories, and this one comes from an area I have dipped into many times – music. Read on to find out why I ask if you say ‘I Surrender..!

In an interview, I saw a chap called Joe Lynn Turner talking about how he got a job. Now, lots of people get jobs everyday, but this was no everyday job, and the story has some great goal achievement nuggets to take on board.

Turner is a singer/guitarist, and he was struggling to get his own band off the ground when he got a phone call. The person on the phone said he was the personal manager of Ritchie Blackmore. Blackmore was the guitarist and driving force behind the massive rock band Deep Purple.

Turner thought it was someone playing a joke, even when Blackmore came on the phone, but eventually the penny dropped that it was really him. Blackmore said he had seen Turner, and wondered if he would audition for Blackmore’s band Rainbow.

Turner considered his reply for about a second, and then said yes. He was given the name of the place to get to, and found himself taking the train to get there.

On arrival, there was a business-like hello, and then it was up on stage. Turner went through a few songs, and Blackmore asked if he could adlib some lyrics. Turner says they played around with a few songs, and then he was offered the job!

He was driven straight to a hotel, and didn’t get to go home for 2 weeks, and there he was, lead singer in Rainbow. Before I go over the goal achievement lessons, here he is with the biggest hit during his time with the band:

The experience with Rainbow was never going to be a long one, because Blackmore had already acquired a reputation for firing and hiring band members all over the place, and disbanding whole bands seemingly on a whim. It’s the job in Rainbow that I want to focus on though, particularly that audition story…

Turner was so lucky to get the call from Blackmore, wasn’t he? Well, I’m not sure luck is the word, and it’s a key point. Yes, it was a matter of *taste* whether Blackmore liked him or not, but Turner’s years of practice to develop his skills? Turner getting himself out there to be noticed at all? That’s not luck, that’s hard work and preparation!

When the call came, he was in a position to say yes to the audition, likewise to the job offer, being prepared to be driven straight to a hotel and into a new adventure, just like that. Had he said ‘can we check my diary’, or ‘I need to pack a bag’, the chance may have gone just as quickly as it had come.

Even though the Rainbow experience only lasted a few years, Turner has worked solidly since, and can always rely on getting work just singing ‘I Surrender’ if he wants!

Can you see why I like this story? It’s a lesson illustrated as clearly as can be, about putting in the work to develop necessary skills, and about being prepared to make sacrifices, to sometimes jump in at the deep end.

Your goal may not be to be a big rock star, but whatever your goal is, are you putting in the work, are you prepared to say ‘I Surrender’ to the needs of your goal achievement?

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