Don’t Get Buckled By The Post Christmas ‘Back To It’ Feeling!

"Gordon Bryan"
Written by gordino

I’m writing this article on Jan 3rd 2017. Who knows what the date will be when you read it, so you might be asking why I would even bother mentioning when I’m writing it!

Well, that’s a good question, and although the point in this article is an evergreen one, the date is relevant, so here’s the answer…

Jan 3rd 2017 is ‘back to it’ day for a huge amount of people here in the UK. A lot of schools go back today. A lot of people go back to work who have had the whole Christmas period off. Many people who work in jobs that don’t stop over the holiday, might have enjoyed the odd Bank Holiday, and that might have included Jan 2nd, since the 1st fell on a Sunday.

So, taking all that into account, for a *lot* of people, this year it’s Jan 3rd that’s ‘back to it’ day.

Back to how things were before Christmas. The whole ‘newness’ of the New Year is brought back down to earth with a shuddering bump, as we go back to what we were doing before, back to how we were acting, back to how we were thinking. Back to how things were.

There’s nothing wrong with this in itself, by the way. It could be that what you’re going back to brings you meaning, fulfilment, happiness. If so, great! It could be that you have plans already in place for big events in 2017, and if so, great!

What I’m talking about though, is if the thought of ‘back to it’ makes your shoulders sag. I’ve written often about the shoulder sagging effect that Monday morning can bring, and it applies for this Tuesday!

That’s because this particular ‘back to it’ is not just for the week, mentally you’re thinking it’s back to it for the whole year, and the point is, it *will* be back to it for the whole year. That’s why the feeling hits a lot of people.

Let’s be honest about it, because honesty is the key to change – your 2017 will be, by and large, the same as 2016, because you’re not bringing any different results, because you’re not bringing any different actions, because you’re not bringing any different thoughts.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and here’s what you can do about it…

For starters, strictly speaking Christmas isn’t even over – it’s only the 10th Day of Christmas! Still 2 days to go! Now, I accept that the retail industry thinks that Christmas is ‘so last year’, and is already on to Easter, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be too!

If you think of those 2 days to go, imagine the uplift, the fun, the enjoyment that you allow yourself over Christmas, and allow it today! Do something that makes you smile, just for the fun of it!

That’s a little example of a mental shift, and mental shifts are available to us all, on a small scale, or a big scale. It could be that you don’t feel able to make any massive mental shifts to instigate big changes this year – if that’s the case, something you most certainly *can* do, is make a mental shift about your perception of your situation.

If you choose to have things go the same this year as they did last year, then instead of sagging your shoulders about the negativity of it all, look to the positives, all the plus points that your current circumstances bring you.

They’ll be there. You might not think so, and it might take a spell of focused thought to realise it, but they’ll be there! How about the basics in life – shelter, food, clothing. Do you have those? Are you grateful for that, or do you take it for granted?

If you have a job, instead of viewing it as a grind, could you view it as an opportunity that not everyone has? If you work hard to provide for yourself and others, then recognise what you do, take pride in yourself for the effort, and make sure you have rewards set up for yourself.

If you haven’t got events planned for fun and enjoyment, for rest and relaxation, then *get* them planned!

These are shifts that can have big impact with surprisingly little effort. It could be that you do indeed want to make big changes this year, and if the ‘back to it’ feeling is really hitting you this year, it could be that it’s time for you to accept that you need to take different actions, and that will need those different thoughts I mentioned.

It might be scary to even think about making big changes, let alone plan action and then take action, but you won’t be the first to take action while being scared about it. Others have done it before, and others will be doing it now too!

Information will be out there to help. People will be out there to help. It doesn’t have to be trudge and slog, no reason why it can’t be progress and lift.

You’ve made big changes in your life before, you can do it again, and you can do it now – if you choose to.

You’ve taken action while scared before, you can do it again, and you can do it now – if you choose to.

"Gordon Bryan"

So, look to your own ‘back to it’ feeling, wherever you are reading this, or for that matter ‘whenever’ you’re reading this, Jan 3rd or not. Does it have you looking forward with appreciation and excitement? Or does it have you sagging your shoulders and wondering what could be different?
Don’t let yourself get buckled by ‘back to it’ – accept it, appreciate it, or change it!

Ok, I’d love to hear what you think – do leave a comment!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. If you feel it’s time for those changes, but you’d like some help, go and watch my free video series, covering my 8 step goal achievement formula, it’ll set you on the right path!

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  • The holidays definitely seem to change the pace in my household. Hubby is off the week between Xmas and NY. He just went back today. Our daughter is home from University until the 13th so I’m still in interruptable mode. But you’re right. I’m trying to get the mindset of slow and steading winning the race and small victories build momentum.

    • You make a good point about pace Lara, both in the problem and the solution!
      The pace changes to the ‘holiday’ mindset, and when that’s set in, the thought of making big changes afterwards seems
      too far a shift in pace back again, so the common reaction is to simply settle back to how we were before.
      Your slow and steady phrase is a good one, because it’s all about the action, and as long as the next action step is taken,
      however small, it’s progress and helps to build habit and momentum,
      Thanks for your comment!