ELO Cover Of The Day #2 – Showdown

Here’s another ELO Cover – this one is a cracker, a nicely done version of Showdown by a band called The Swedish Legal System. I know nothing about them, don’t even know if they’re Swedish, but I like it! The original can be seen underneath if you’ve not heard it – let me know what you think, leave a comment, like, share, tweet, etc, thanks!

Here’s the ELO original:

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  • Nice music and song. I must admit I don’t pretend I understand anything in there ;p First one indeed candid. Second one, classic! One take away from here, at least I know the existence of this song – Showdown! ;D

    • Thanks Sandy,
      I like to put the original one underneath so people can compare them, or like yourself, discover them for the first time.
      More often than not, hearing cover versions of songs just helps to remember why I liked the original so much!