ELO Cover Of The Day #4 – Here Is The News

For this post I’ve gone with ‘Here Is The News’.
This is a cover I really enjoyed, and it’s maybe the one I’ll be playing the most out of the list of covers.
I think I like it so much because it’s a pleasant surprise to see a cover of a song which was not exactly one of ELO’s massive hits. It *was* officially a hit though, getting to 24 in the UK chart, coupled with ‘Ticket To The Moon’, taken from the 1982 album ‘Time’, which divides a lot of ELO fans.
I enjoyed the album when it came out, but I think it’s fair to say it marked the end of ELO’s peak, and the change of sound was noticeable from the past.

I did also say in the last post that I would feature the band Five iron Frenzy again. I had thought it might be later on in the series, but what the hey, I’m going for it now.

A spin off band from Five Iron Frenzy was Brave Saint Saturn, and it’s them that have done this cover. Obviously a big ELO fan in there somewhere, with some real passion to do a good job on the covers. I love them both!

As always, the original ELO version in underneath so you can compare them. Here’s the Brave Saint Saturn cover:

Here’s the ELO original – again, I do have the vinyl 7 inch somewhere, I need to go digging for it!:

Ok, do let me know what you think – I love the feedback, and don’t forget to check out the rest on the list – just type in ‘cover of the day’ into the search box top right of any page!

‘Til next time,
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  • Oh, nice touch to give us both the cover and the original! And especially to hear something that isn’t constantly on the oldies rotation! I’m passing your income-generating along to a friend who is a HUGE music collector and hobbyist. Thanks!

    • Hi Billie,
      I do like to show the original as well – particularly with this one, which maybe only real ELO fans would know in the first place!
      I have a massive collection of records, vinyl too(!), and many hobbies, so that sounds good!
      cheers, Gordon

  • I vaguely remember the original – both the original and the cover were good in their own ways. I enjoy covers – I like to see the different interpretations different artists will give to the same song – especially if they play with the tempo.

    • I agree with you, I like people doing covers to do something with the song, too often the cover is a ‘copy’ of the original, which seems a bit pointless. Theycan still be enjoyable, and it does mean the cover artist is having fun, but it’s not as good as someone really making a change to the original!