Goal Achievement – A Million Lessons From Gary Barlow!

Goal Achievement - Gary BarlowWell ok, maybe not a million lessons, but since Gary Barlow wrote ‘A Million Love Songs’, and his latest deal is set to net him another million to his fortune, here’s *one* lesson which will help you on your goal achievement journey. Read on to discover a mental angle that you must have covered…

It’s long been said that of the five members of British boy band Take That, three of them are normally ignored by the media in favour of the other two. Well sorry to say it Mark, Jason and Howard, but this article does the same! I’m not actually going to focus on Robbie Williams much either, but he does come into the story.

As a judge on talent show The X Factor, it’s been announced that Barlow will write the winner’s first single, which is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit – let’s rewind in time a bit though…

Back in the 1990s, the band became a juggernaut in the charts, with hit flowing after hit. Main songwriter Gary Barlow was feted as a great writer of catchy pop songs, picking up lots of awards along the way.

I could write about the hard word ethic that the band had to follow for years to get that success, but that’s not the point I want to make (I just thought it was worth throwing in!)

No, it’s the critical acclaim that Barlow got as a songwriter that tickles my fancy. When Robbie left the band in 1995, the other 4 decided to carry on, and lasted for another year before splitting up in 1996. It’s what happened in the next 10 years that is the driver behind my the point, and here it is…

While Robbie went on to have a huge solo career, Barlow’s solo efforts stalled after a successful first album. The media jumped on a backlash against him, which meant no positive promotion, and that’s an essential to success in the music industry.

His song writing credits with Take That seemed to be wiped from the music biz memory.

Then in the mid 2000s, the band decided to reform, and they were straight back to the top, with hits and massive tours. Barlow was feted again as a pop writing genius. The success was so big, that Robbie decided to rejoin, which was handy for him as his own solo career and gone off the boil.

Can you see the point I’m making? Barlow as a songwriter didn’t change, and yet the media viewed him as a genius, then failure, then genius again. Barlow had no control over this, yet it had huge impact on his success.

Sometimes your ability is not enough, and there is normally *always* an outside influence that must be taken into account. It may be that you can change things around to create a different response, but sometimes you just have to accept it.

It’s a key point, because it’s crucial to get the attitude and mindset right on the goal achievement path. There might be no guarantees, it might be that after everything you can do, it’s an outside influence that stops your goal. It’s just part of it, and it’s why it’s a mental angle you have to get on top of.

You may not want to be a multi million selling songwriter, but think to your own goals – are you ready and prepared for the external influences that might be hurdles in your way?

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