Goal Achievement – A Try To Test Yourself?

I recently wrote about the goal achievement lessons seen in jump jockey Tony McCoy’s 4,000th win. Around a fortnight later, 2 other iconic sportsmen have hit equally impressive landmarks…

This run of stories is just why I love sport – history is constantly being made, and this time the names involved are Dan Carter and Sachin Tendulkar.

"Dan Carter", "goal achievement"

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Dan Carter made his 100th Test appearance for the All Blacks in rugby union, and Sachin Tendulkar played his final cricket Test for India.

McCoy’s feat is impressive, but he is allowed to go about his work fairly quietly, whereas Carter and Tendulkar are mobbed everywhere. Real icons of their country, because they have been long established at the top of sports which could be argued *are* their countries.

There are obviously many traits that all 3 men share, and there’s one in particular that I’ll come to later, but let’s take a quick look at the sporting stats…

Carter became only the 4th Kiwi to play 100 times for his country. Getting into that team once is an achievement, to battle injuries to do it 100 time is worthy of note. He’s the world record points scorer in Test rugby, and his style has been a template for many that have followed him.

"Sachin Tendulkar", "goal achievement"

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Tendulkar’s 200th test was his final game before retiring. He’s scored 100 centuries, and is the world record run scorer. In a country obsessed with cricket, he is revered to an extent hard to imagine, and is a figure that helps to unite his country.

So, both men have got to the top of the sports which dominate their cultures, and have set individual records which leave the rest of the players in the world trailing in the dust, much like McCoy. What’s the trait that they all share..?

Well, they are all fiercely competitive, it’s obvious that no-one achieves what they have without a drive that you’d better not get in their way, but that’s *on* the field of play – *off* the field they are all quiet humble men.

Tendulkar finished his career in tears, thanking his parents and the fans. Carter was bought a set of rugby posts by his parents, and said he not only wanted to be an All Black, but that he wanted to be one of the greats.

All 3 of them will stop to sign an autograph, and you won’t see any of them stumbling out of night clubs, or insulting opponents anytime soon.

Carter said in the build up to his game that he always tries his hardest to achieve his goals and there are 2 keys right there to success – setting goals and then working hard to achieve them. This ‘secret’ seems a revelation to so many people, yet it’s there to be seen in bright daylight!

You won’t be surprised to hear that as Tony McCoy marches on with his total of wins, Carter and Tendulkar both won their matches.

So, think to your own goals – firstly, have you set them properly, and secondly, could you be working harder towards them? If you’ve enojyed this post, please do share, like, tweet etc on your fave social network!

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  • I love this: setting goals & working hard to achieve them. I just gave a talk last week to a group of business women and told them to self-swot, create planned activities to decrease their threats and weaknesses (and increase their strengths and opportunities), and to calendar it all for 2014!

    Clovia Hamilton

    • Thanks Clovia,
      I haven’t come across planning activities to decrease threats and weaknesses before, apart from not exposing yourself to the negativity of others – I like the different angle!
      Thanks for stopping by,

  • Excellent Gordon – I love to learn from people who have achieved incredible things, both in terms of inspiration and in practical ways. And how nice to hear that they are all gentle people in normal life. Thanks for a great post. 🙂

    • Thanks H. Yes, they are all 3 much respected within their sports and described as friendly, helpful and supportive of others, which I find nice to see. Of course if Carter were running towards me with a rugby ball in his hand, or Tendulkar with a cricket bat, I doubt they’d be that friendly at that moment! 😉

  • Nice post Gordon. I couldn’t help thinking that the sports personalities, who are good in their profession and good at the publicity might just be a nightmare to live with. I know that when Robert, who designs and builds one of a kind racing engines, tests one he’s so high on testosterone and he’s hell to live with for a bit…lol. As far as goal setting, it always sounds like such a good idea but my butterfly brain can’t cope with it. 🙂

    • Motor sport is one of the ones that does the *least* for me, but I do love the passion that it stirs in others, and one of a kind engines sounds great!
      As for goal setting, and your ‘butterfly brain’ 😉 you set goals all the time in daily life, it’s just a case of realising the process and then applying it more consciously!
      Thanks for stopping by!