Goal Achievement – All You Need Is Some Copper Piping?

So, what exactly does copper piping have to do with goal achievement? Well, being someone that writes about goal achievement a lot, I see it in practice over and over again. TV documentaries are a great place to spot them, and the latest one I spotted involved copper piping.

It also involved potentially lethal motorbike racing, the British industrial revolution and moving water around *inside* a canal longboat, so read on for some goal achievement nuggets…

A programme on the BBC featured a chap called Guy Martin, and engineer with a passion for the British industrial revolution. He’s also a well known motorbike racer in the extremely dangerous road race circuit.

I write more about him elsewhere, but in this particular show he travels around on a longboat, kitting it out by recreating things from the early days of the industrial revolution, which he thinks is a period which is not recognised well enough in today’s age, which was formed on the back of those inventions.

The series is called ‘The Boat That Guy Built’, and in one episode he attempts to build a shower inside his boat, and what does he use to get this done? Copper piping, amongst other things…

Martin tells us briefly about the developments that James Watt made in the 1700s to the steam engine. It was a massive step, as huge steam powered generators then came into being, creating massive amounts of power which then drove great changes in the way things could be done.

Guy then recreates a mini steam engine in his boat, using it to drive hot water along copper piping to the shower. All well and good, a nice hot shower on a canal boat, but so what? How is that relevant to your own goal achievement..?

Well, one key point was when he turned the shower on, and nothing happened, something had gone wrong. So, he just gave up, right?

Of course not! As he said in the show, it was time to do what they did in the industrial revolution, which was firstly to refuse to accept defeat, and secondly to apply logic to find the solution.

That’s exactly what he did, going back down through the shower, along the piping to the generator to locate the problem. He then took appropriate action to correct it, and success followed – a great steam powered hot shower!

I will admit at this point in the article, that the part played by the copper piping in this story is only a supporting role, but hopefully you’ll see the point I make. I could have called it ‘Man Builds Shower’ but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it!

The goal formula is clear in this show –
– Want to do it,
– Find out how to do it,
– Start doing it,
– Correct things if needed,
– Get to the goal.

That formula has been written by people over and over again, and there’s a reason for that – it works. It’s worked for Guy Martin in his TV show, it’s worked for me many times in my life, and it will work for you too.

You may have no interest in using copper piping as part of an onboard shower system, but hopefully you can see how you can use the same logic to tick off some stunning goal achievement in your life.

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