Goal Achievement At 100 Miles An Hour!

"goal achievement" "Gordon Bryan"January 2013, and one the biggest sporting events in Switzerland took place. Lurking in 5th place was a great goal achievement nugget, so let’s jump right in…

The downhill race at Wengen is one of the classic races of each season, and it’s a big deal in Switzerland. The sight of the crowds packed on the steep course and at the finish, with a sea of Swiss flags waving, is one I enjoy watching every year.

The race was won this year by Christof Innerhofer from Italy, but it’s the French racer in 5th that brings today’s point…

Johan Clarey.

He set the fastest time in practice, meaning he was one to watch in the race itself, and in that practice he went through the speed gun at just under 100 mph, which had people talking about him breaking that during the actual race.

That’s what he went on to do.

Now, lots of people have been over 100 mph on skis. In fact the world record is 156mph, so what’s the big deal about Clarey?

Well, that record of 156 mph was set in a specific environment for that purpose. The skis, the suit, the helmet, the straight line downhill run, they are all geared up for one reason – to go as fast as possible.

Clarey not only did it in a race setting, he is the first ever to do it a World Cup downhill. It’s a nice round figure, easy to use for analogy, which is exactly what I’m doing!

He ‘only’ came 5th in the race, collapsing exhausted at the finish 1.17 seconds behind the winner, and that’s something else we can tie in to the goal achievement lesson…

Clarey was literally going at 100 miles an hour towards his goal, but that effort is based on years of build up – build up of strength, build up of technique, build up of experience of the hills and the race circuit.

He had that foundation behind him when he gave all his effort at the weekend, on the longest course of the season.

He’s spent years getting to where he is, where the margins between winning and not winning are tiny. He has a good few years left in downhill racing – barring any bad accidents of course!

Those accidents can happen to any skier at any time, and can end careers in an instant.

None of that is stopping Clarey of course – he is progressing along very nicely thank you, at the top level of a sport he loves. He’s just one of any number of racers you could point to – not particularly famous, but putting in the same effort as the household names.

This article is all about taking action. Decide to take action towards a goal, and then press on at full steam. You may make mistakes, but those mistakes take you further forwards. You may find others are doing better than you, but you can’t let that distract you from your own efforts.

Clarey breaking that 100mph mark may not mean much in the big scheme of downhill racing, but he is the first to do it, and that gives him his own little mark in the history books. It came as a by product of his efforts towards the goal of winning the race.

If you’re doing something you believe in and keep taking action towards the goal, you’ll get unexpected bonuses – notching up a collection of your own 100mph marks!

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