Goal Achievement – Does Lady Gaga Have Sweaty Armpits?

Lady GagaI recently read an article which gave some business lessons that could be found in Lady Gaga’s career. I’ll tell you more about that article later, but I wanted to use the ideas to give a goal achievement twist, and focus on what may be the biggest lesson of all…

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. That’s Lady Gaga’s real name, but then that doesn’t matter – or does it?

Well, yes it does, because the whole point I’m making is to focus on the real person behind the act. Lady Gaga wasn’t born, she was created by a real person, and that’s Germanotta. She didn’t just appear on the scene as if by magic either, it was years of hard work.

Having learnt piano at an early age, Gaga enrolled in a school for the arts, and began the slog of trying to make it. Writing, performing with her band The Stefani Germanotta Band, going to lots of auditions and not getting the part.

It’s a path well trodden by many people over the years. For lots of people it never works out, they trundle along chasing the dream but never getting the breakthrough.

Some of them put in as much work as Gaga, but lots don’t. Lots of people expect things to happen for them, and that’s the key lesson here. Talent is not enough, talent without the willingness to put in the hard work won’t cut it.

In fact, the importance of hard work can be seen in the success of people who might not have as much talent, but are relentless in their pursuit of their goal. They’ll work and work, trying different things, laying the foundation blocks of contacts and experience.

That’s what Gaga did. Her lucky break came about due to the right person hearing her at the right time – would that have happened had she spent years sitting at home thinking of success? No, it wouldn’t – she got ‘lucky’ because she was out there taking action and working hard.

I did mention I had read another article which inspired this one. That article can be read here: 5 MBA Lessons From Lady Gaga

Written by Peter Cook, a business author who draws business lessons from the world of music, Lady Gaga is an artist begging to be written about. If you read Peter’s article you’ll find that you can relate his business lessons to goal achievement as well, but it’s the principle of hard work which rang my bell.

Gaga has studied the success of others, and has applied as much of it to her own career as she can. Artists like Freddie Mercury and Madonna were inspirations. The name Lady Gaga came from Queen’s ‘Radio Ga Ga’ and she has clearly taken Mercury’s over-the-top style.

Add to that Madonna’s changing styles and creative control, throw in lots of shock value, and she is well on the way.

Stir in an acceptance of modern techniques, I.e. the social power of the internet, and her career has some strong ingredients.

I realise I am slightly off on a cooking tangent here, but those ingredients would not add up to much without the solid base of the recipe. She can sing, write and dance – whether you like what she does or not, she is talented and that is important, but the solid base of her success recipe is…hard work.

Getting to the top is not easy, there are no guarantees, staying at the top is not easy either. Gaga has done it in one of the hardest industries. Your goal may not be anything like as hard to achieve, maybe the success *is* guaranteed if you put in the work.

If you expect it to arrive on a platter though, think again. So, to answer the title of this article – ‘Does Lady Gaga Have Sweaty Armpits?’ Of course she does, because she is working hard for her goals!

You won’t be surprised to hear that I write about the need for hard work in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’ It’s been described as ‘motivational magic’ and has a 100% money back guarantee, so you simply get your money back if you don’t like it!

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