Goal Achievement – How High Can Holly Go?

Holly BleasdaleLast year I wrote about a British pole vaulter called Holly Bleasdale, who had taken the British record to a height of 4.70. So, why would her jumping the same height over 6 months later be noteworthy? Well, it’s another goal achievement lesson…

That record of 4.70 in July 2011 put British women’s pole vaulting slap in the world class bracket, and not only that, it was the highest anyone else had *ever* jumped at 19 years old.

At the time I wrote about how Holly had been prompted by her mum to have a go, then decided to commit to the event, and set about learning the techniques and the hour after hour of good old fashioned hard work – no quick shortcuts with the pole vault!

Her stated aim after getting to 4.70 was to be jumping it on a regular basis. That’s an important goal achievement lesson, about progress and habit.

As you come across new things to learn, they may seem daunting or out of reach at first, but the harder you work, you get to that new level for the first time, then a second time. After a while you get into the habit, so that it’s not a new thing to get to that same level, it becomes accepted.

What you once found daunting, you now accept.

That in turn means that what you now find daunting, is a level you would have found incomprehensible before. You cannot make mental leaps that are too far – yes, you can have them as long term targets, but long term targets are reached by setting and achieving short term goals.

Guess how high Holly is now jumping on a regular basis? Yep, 4.70.

The world record is 5.06, held by Yelena Isinabayeva, who is herself on the comeback trail. Having won 2 Olympics, Isinbayeva is looking for another in London, and is a hot live medal prospect.

So is Bleasdale, because not only is she getting to 4.70 as a matter of habit, she recently went up to 4.87 indoors, smashing the British record by 16 centimetres!
That is second on the *all time* indoor list, and that’s why people are now putting her in that medal bracket.

She clearly has momentum, and equally clearly is finding out how high she can go, rather than accepting limiting beliefs. In fact when she cleared 4.87 she went on to attempt a world record, which only goes to help her belief systems for the future.

It’s such an illustration of taking new levels for granted after putting in the work, and it seems a natural progression on current form, that attempting world records is the next thing she may be getting used to!

It’s so refreshing to see an athlete burst through like that – I’ve written about sport for many years, I’ve written about pole vault for many years, and here’s something else I’ve written about…

You may just brush off the lesson because she is young, 20, and dismiss your own goals because you may think youthful enthusiasm is behind you.

Nonsense. Enthusiasm can exist at any age, as long as you let it. Amazing goals can be achieved at any age, if you put in the work and get your belief systems in order.

As the London Olympics get closer, keep an eye out, and ask yourself ‘How high can Holly go?’

By the way, you can read my previous article ‘Who The Hell Is Holly Bleasdale?’.

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