Goal Achievement – Olympic Show And Tell!

July 27th 2012, and it was the Olympic Opening Ceremony. My brother was in the cast, so that’s the show I want to focus on, and the goal achievement lessons it tells us…
goal achievement The Great Gordino
The show could certainly be described as an extravaganza, and it was also quirkily British, or should that be Britishly quirky?

In sport and entertainment, long time readers will know I love to go behind the scenes, focus on the people who are maybe not slap bang in the spotlight. So, my brother Glen being in the Opening Ceremony screamed out for me to write about it!

The picture above is of my brother with director Danny Boyle, I’m sure Boyle is thinking ‘how many of these fecking eejits do I have to have a picture with?’ but according to Glen he was always accommodating.

Glen has loved the Olympics longer than I have (because he’s older!) so when he saw the chance to audition for the show, he took it. It was several rounds of auditions too, not just one.

Then, once in the show, it was committing to getting to rehearsals, and hour after hour of them. Day after day, he had to sort things around him being at the rehearsals, all on public transport around a very full time job.

Then as the show approached, he asked me if I wanted to go to a dress rehearsal at the stadium – naturally I did, so it was a thrill to be able to watch him in the stadium.

July 27th – showtime! Glen’s slot lasted around 10 minutes as he strutted his stuff around a bed in the section celebrating the NHS. All that effort, time, work, commitment, led to a wonderful evening of enjoyment.

I would say it’s something to stay long in the memory, but in fact for him it will stay in the memory full stop!
London 2012 Opening Ceremony
This is a snap from the BBC coverage, even though he sings like a woman and screams like a little girl, neither of these are Glen. It does show the segment he was in though.

Scroll back up though, and take a closer look at the photo at the top of Glen and Danny. The goal achievement lessons are not hard to spot in Glen’s case – spot a goal you want, take action towards it, put in the work, and get there. Look behind him though…

Look at some of the other performers. There were over 10,000 of them in total, and *all* of them did the same as Glen. They all have their individual stories of arranging their lives to manage the requirements of being in the show.

Many different routes to being in the same place at the same time.

So, think of the fireworks yes, think of the spectacle of such a mass of performers yes, but then think of the individuals involved – your goal may or may not to be in the Brazil 2016 Ceremony, but whatever your goal is, think how you apply the lessons from London 2012.

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  • That’s great Gordon, Glen must be so excited too, just as you are. It was a great opening ceremony and will last long in your memories…. lovely. Cheers ! Nergis

    • Thanks Nergis! Since we are both big Olympic fans for decades, it was such a thrill for him, and I was so glad to be able to go to the rehearsal, gave a real flavour of the atmosphere! Cheers, Gordon

  • You did a newsletter about me ?! Another goal achieved ! Thanks bro! Love from a hoarse (from screaming like a little girl all night )slighter older Olympian brother x

  • I watched it and thought it was fantastic that so many ordinary people young and older were involved. What an experience! As for the Queen – she really does have a sense of humour! Good for her!

    Well done Glen!


  • This was very much the impression I had when I was there on Wednesday – the huge number of individual people, and the hard work, dedication, good humour and energy that they contributed. The NHS scene was fantastic and I found it very moving. Thanks for the post and well done Glen!

    • Yes Harriet, as someone who loves sport and entertainment, and writes about both combined with goal achievement lessons, I could see and feel the article ideas flowing!

      It was just superb, and I see by the post on your blog that you feel pretty much the same! Here’s to a great 2 weeks!
      My brother had a lovely night, one for the life scrapbook for him! Cheers, Gordon

    • indeed so! Got through one,then had to get through the next, and the next, and then down to rehearsals! 😉

  • My goals (at least so far) are nowhere near as lofty as being part of an Olympic extravaganza, but it’s always a great reminder that the path is pretty much the same, no matter what you strive to achieve.

    Congrats to Glen, and to his proud younger brother.

    • I was struck by how much work it needed from him for a 10 min slot in a show that lasted hours, and he was just one of thousands! So many people miss out because they aren’t prepared to put in good old hardwork. I loved watching the rehearsal, and it was such an exciting night for him. I’m still smiling on his behalf! Cheers, Gordon