Goal Achievement – The Appliance Of Science?

"Gordon Bryan", "goal achievement"I didn’t enjoy science at school. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it as an adult, because I do, and in this article I’m going to explore the connection between science and goal achievement…

I found academia fairly easy as I journeyed through my education, but the sciences just didn’t push my buttons…YAWN!

As an adult though, I’ve loved watching documentaries which either explain science, or tell how science has developed over the years, and the scientists that made the breakthroughs.

I’m aiming to write future articles about atoms, and, believe it or not, the science of sand castles, but this time I want to talk about the basic premise of science.

This was something featured in one of the many TV shows on the BBC from Professor Brian Cox, an ex boy band member who falls under the ‘hot and trendy’ scientist category. I have to say his Beatles hair cut doesn’t do a lot for me, but each to their own!

In one of his shows, he was explaining a theory, and then he said something which really hit home – that this theory was just what science said *today*, at our current level of knowledge. He went on to say that science was based on proving things wrong!

If that statement sounds backwards, then it has some lovely logic behind it. Cox explained that science moved forwards on the foundation of theories. Someone comes up with an idea, and then develops that idea into a theory. Then the scientific community try and prove the theory wrong!

If they can prove it wrong, then the previous status quo remains. If they can’t prove it wrong though, you have a theory which should be provable, and repeatable, under controlled environments. When that happens, science moves forwards.

Question, hypothesis, prediction, experiment, result, repeat!

I can see a clear tie-in here with goal achievement…

In most cases, your goal will already have been achieved by others. That means it can probably be repeatable – and why not by you! You just use the same formula they used as your starting guide.

As for the idea of science being based on proving people wrong? It can be the same for goal achievement!

If people tell you that you can’t achieve your goal, or that you won’t, are they saying that as a proven fact, or are they saying it as a theory that you can prove wrong, by showing them that, in fact, you *can* achieve your goal.

Who are these people telling you what you can or can’t achieve? What is their agenda, and what is their proof?

Even more damaging, is when the person telling you that you can’t achieve your goal is…*you*!

So many people simply never even start towards their goal because they tell themselves they can’t, and choose to believe this self talk! It seems crazy doesn’t it, but this one thing stops an unbelievable amount of people from fulfilling unbelievable potential.

Look to your own goal, and consider the basis of science. Theory, counter theory, experiment, proof. If someone tells you your goal is not something you can do, (even if that person is yourself), don’t just accept it – take action, and you’ll be amazed how often you’ll prove everyone wrong and change beliefs.

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  • I think you missed out on this great concept at an early age. As opposed to our politicians who posit an idea and only accept data that supports it (rejecting the science that proves them wrong), science demands one prove an hypothesis beyond reproach- which is akin to the biggest goals of one’s life!

    • I’ve always believed that theories must be proved or disproved, I just never liked the sciences, but appreciate in adulthood how it is shown so purely in science – plus the things it has brought us!

    • Ha! My memory’s not good enough to comment…
      You are dead right that a lack of scientific understading causes some real problems.
      I remember seeing one of those quote pictures, and although I can’t remember who said it, the quote was –
      “the great thing about science is that it’s true whether you believe it or not!”

  • There has always been a misconception among scientific fact, theory, hypothesis and opinion. Most of the time opinion is represented as fact and accepted as such which causes real problems (and manipulation).

    Same thing goes for goal setting and achievement. If others have failed at something, instead of examining what went wrong and other possible ways it could be achieved, they rather accept it as a fact and then apply it to other things.

    Just imagine what would have happened to Thomas Edison and the invention of the light bulb if he would have subscribed to that mindset?

    • Hi Michael,
      Yes, science has a certain pureness to it in this regard.
      Nothing is simply accepted as true, it is challenged, tested, and proved to be right or wrong.
      So many people could do with taking this attitude, rather than accepting theories about their own goals and failure.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  • Hey brotha…. sorry I havent been by for awhile. I have bizzy working on my membership site. I think we always get in the way of ourself. Like you said we kind of talk ourselfs out of things. Internet marketing has alot of science in it if you think about it. Great post and take care and I will see you around!


    • Hi Kent,
      Also working on my own membership site!
      Yes, internet marketing does have that formulaeic aspect to it – slightly harder to prove definitively because it has the variable of the customer reaction!
      All the best,