Guest Blogging Update

So, with this latest project, I decided to give guest blogging a go.
I’ve always been a bit hesitant before – I would rather use an article on my own sites, and/or post it to all sorts of other places online for exposure.

The plus side of guest blogging has always been touted that you are getting exposure on targetted readers in your niche, so will develop brand awareness and a following, from a readership which may be larger than you’ll get from trying to promote that same article yourself.

With my first attempt, I made a schoolboy error – I sent the article with my first contact email. The site had asked contributors to do just that, but I didn’t get any reply, so that article was sitting in limbo. I couldn’t use it myself, but had no idea if it had been rejected, or was in a queue or anything.

So, I wrote another email, saying I was ‘unsubmitting’ that article. That prompted the blog owner to email back, thanking me and pointing out that if I had any more ideas, to get in touch.

That was ok, showed I had done things in a proper manner, so know I can email her with my other ideas befoe I write them.

As for that article? Well, I found a site via the Warrior forum, which had a PR 6 home page, and featured 100 writers, with writers being promoted and demoted into the 100.
The top 10 writers get on the home page, so it seemed worth trying.

I used the article I had ‘got back’ from the first site, but now again I find it is in the ‘pending’ queue – not published, but not available for me to use elsewhere. More waiting required!

I also found, via the warrior forum, a site which links guest bloggers with blogs looking for writers. I registered, and found a blog which looks good, and send notificationos of blog posts to 12,000 readers in that niche.

That could be great exposure, so I submitted my latest article, and….well, it’s in the pending queue!

I’m finding it a bit frustrating I must admit.
When I write an article, I like to get it published on my site and then promote it. These 2 articles are waiting for others to approve them, and I’m a bit impatient!

I need to keep a lid on that impatience though. If it works out, the articles will be published on good sites, and then I can promote them on my own sites just the same, with a simple link to the publishing site.

This aspect of going through a learning curve is something I write about in the very book I am trying to promote, so I had better be able to demonstrate some patience myself! Ha!

I’ll post how it goes….

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