Halfway Through The Year – Halfway To Your Goals, Right?

"Gordon Bryan"As we hit July, we get to the halfway point of the year. That also means we must be halfway to our goals – hooray! Or maybe not


Some goals are easier to get to, that’s obvious, and some goals are easier to measure, that’s also obvious. Most obvious of all though, when it comes to measuring your goals, is that you have to actually *have* goals in the first place!


If you don’t have goals that are defined to a point where they are measurable, then how will you know if you achieve them?


I’ve written many times over the years about my reservations over New Year Resolutions, because they are, more often than not, set in a jokey way with no real intent to do anything about them. When the inevitable failure comes from that, it creates a negative view of the whole concept of goal setting.


That negative view is a shame, because it stops so many people setting out on amazing journeys in their lives simply because they choose to be negative about the fundamental principles of success.


So, how has the year gone so far, with half of it gone..?


If you decided to go to the gym once a week, you should have at least 26 ticks in your boxes. If you decided to give up smoking, you’re now 182 days healthier.


Your goal could be anything, not just health related – maybe this year you decided you would actually *try* writing your goals down and reading them out loud everyday, in which case your self esteem and belief will be much higher than it was 6 months ago.


I did say that some goals are harder to measure – it might not be so easy to say ‘I did this everyday for 6 months’ or ‘I’ve hit my targets each month so far’, because the goal is a longer term end result.


If it’s a career goal for example, there might not be daily tasks to accomplish, but there most definitely *will* be steps that you could have, should have, taken by now.


If you are on track with your goals, that’s great! Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back, you have achieved something and are on the way to achieving even more.

If, however, you start the second half of the year not seeing the success you want, then it’s time to analyse why not…


Maybe you set your goals but didn’t really believe them. Maybe you set your goals and thought that would be enough, that they would magically happen without you taking any action.


Of course, maybe you didn’t set any goals in the first place, and that’s why this year so far has resembled last year. Well, it’s going to carry on resembling last year too, and on into next year, unless something changes.


The good news is that you still have *half* the year to do something about it! Either revisit the goals you set at the start of the year, and work on your belief, or work on actually taking the first step rather than leaving it just on paper.


Or, make this the time to set goals in the first place. Time-wise we are all in the same boat here – half the year gone, 6 months left. No-one in the world has more time than you. The richest people on the planet have the same 6 months.  The most successful, (and the least successful!), they have the same 6 months.


The difference is what they *do* with that time, and the best way to get the best out of your time is to focus, and the best way to focus is with goal setting.


So, look to your own year so far. Has it gone the way you wanted? Are you halfway to your goals? If so that’s excellent, but if not, what are you going to do about it? How are you going to take control of *your* year, so that when you look back you can say you were in charge for these 6 months?


Ok, do let me know what you think, leave a comment below!


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Health & Happiness,
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    • Actually April, I am using the second half of the year to set out on *my* first ever diet(!)
      Glad the blog is going well!

  • Thanks for a great post. I feel pretty good about what I have accomplished thus far, but I am still a little attached to the outcome of my efforts. I haven’t seen the results I had hoped for even after my tasks have been completed. But I keep plugging away!

    • Thanks Maryann,
      There’s nothing wrong with being attached to the outcome of your efforts. If you haven’t seen the results you thought you’d see, you are still making progress, because as Edison said, you now know how not to do something, and it’s all forward progress! 😉

  • In some areas things have gone well, others so-so. A couple years back I set a goal to lose 120 lbs. and I DID IT!

    At the beginning of the year I set a goal to offer my own products online…done!

    Now comes one of my main challenges for the year. By year end I want a mailing list of at least 500 people. There I’ve said it and posted it publicly. Here we go…

    • 120lbs? Wow well done, that’s excellent, and must have taken some effort!
      Getting your own products to offer is also a big achievement, one that eludes so many, so that’s a big tick.
      500 people on your list? That’s a great goal for the second half of the year, andyou are so far ahead of those that didn’t set any goals at all!

    • Oh yes, I’ve seen you posting your results – very impressive, and helped along by a lot of effort on your part! How many trips to Hull will that involve?