Have We Stopped Evolving? Your Goal Setting Depends On It!

I watched an excellent documentary the other day, dealing with the question of whether we have stopped evolving. It was called, rather handily, ‘Have We Stopped Evolving?’
It was presented by Dr. Alice Roberts, who could check my temperature any day of the week, and I found it fascinating. As I watched I developed a thought relating the topic to goal achievement and goal setting, so read on to find out more…

We’ve been evolving for a fair old while now, say hundreds of thousands of years.
Life evolves as it adapts to the environment around it.

Man is different in this key aspect to other life forms, in that at some point in the past, instead of adapting ourselves to the environment, we invented things to do the job for us. In other words, in the cold, instead of developing fur, we would wear animal fur and light a fire.

Hopefully you can already see where I am going with this in relation to goal achievement, but stick with me…!

A modern example of evolution would be the Sherpas, high in the Himalayas in Nepal.
The air is thin there, only providing around 60% of the necessary oxygen. You might think the body would produce extra red blood cells, to increase haemoglobin, to carry more oxygen around the body. An increase in haemoglobin, however, is dangerous to the body as it increases the risk of blood clots and all the problems that come with it.

So, what’s happened with the Sherpas is that they have developed a more intricate system of blood vessels to allow for better circulation and increased oxygen flow.

So while it seems that evolution is still happening, the key question in the documentary asked whether the modern advances in technology and medicine have by and large stopped the *need* to evolve.

The answer suggested is that although the need in modern society seems to have diminished, the ability is still there, which will be called on at some point in the future.

How does this apply to goal achievement and goal setting? Well…

Usually, to achieve goals, we have to change something – that will in turn usually mean changing our thoughts in order to change our actions.

Is that evolution? Well, try thinking of it as ‘personal evolution!’
Most goals have been achieved by people before you, you don’t need to invent the wheel. In most cases you can work out the steps others have taken, and then take them yourself.

Once you’ve achieved you goal, or in fact at pretty much any point along the road towards it, you can look at the difference between the ‘new’ you and the ‘old’ new.

It might mean a different body if it’s a physical goal, it might be different mindset if there are no physical factors, but things will be different.

It’s the fear of this change, or doubts of ability to make the changes that stop people from achieving their goals.

So, to sum up, you may not need to develop a new set of blood vessels to get your goals, but you will need something to be different. Expecting different results with the same actions has often been quoted as a good definition of insanity.

The good news though, is that most changes have been done by others, and can be done by you too, so when you go about your goal setting, let the story of evolution be your inspiration!

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