Here’s How To Reuse Content Already On Your Blog!

"Gordon Bryan" "The Great Gordino"If, like me, you create your own content for your blog, it can sometimes feel that the effort is lost once the content disappears from view, replaced by new content. Here’s a way you can reuse that content…

Unless you are churning out nonsensical rubbish in a belief that this will fool the search engines into giving you good ranking (it won’t by the way), then you will be spending time and effort to create content that actually gives something to readers.

After all, that’s what keeps readers there, and brings them back for more. Even if you have developed the skill of writing fairly quickly, it’s still something that takes effort to create, so it can be annoying to have that feeling that it has been unleashed but has now gone, and the time has gone for that content.

Not so, and here is a great way to reuse that content…

No, I’m not talking about turning it into a video (which is a good idea).
No, I’m not talking about compiling posts into a book or report (which is a good idea)
No, I’m not talking about loading it into your automatic email sender (which is a good idea)

I’m certainly not talking about simply copying and pasting repost it word for word either (which *isn’t* a good idea!)

So, if it’s none of those, what’s the tip I’m talking about..?

Well, it’s a tip that’s simple, powerful, and I’m using it in this very post! The tip is to use a point that underlined a previous article, and use the *same* point in another one.

That’s it.

Here’s how it works.

The composition of most good articles is the same – you start with an introduction to say what the article is about. Then you have the meat of the article with the content you promised. Then you summarise about the content you gave.

So, that means you can take the same point as the ‘meat’ part of the article, and use a different introduction, which will be default give you a different summary.

An example would be in the area of goal achievement theory. Goal achievement theory as I have written about it for many years has 8 steps. So, you can take any of the 8 steps and write about them based on a different situation. It might be the history of someone famous, dead or alive, or the background behind any successful project.

If I use the new situation as the basis for the article, and therefore the basis of the title, I can use a point I have used many many times before and still come up with a new article which still offers great value to a reader.

So, there are many ways to reuse content once you’ve written it – you should never just use content once and forget it, that’s a waste of the effort used to create it. Once you’ve tried this tip, you’ll be adding it to your mental toolbox I’m sure – let me know how you get on!

Ok, that’s it for today,
‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. Here’s another article about content generation – ‘How To Use Other People’s Content On Your Blog!’

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    • Thanks Kerry,
      I actually enjoy doing it too, because it reminds you how useful the original post was in the first place!

  • Brilliant. Usually you don’t cover all there is to cover in one blog post so it is a no brainer to do more than one on the same topic. Saves you time brainstorming too.

    • Thanks Alyssa,
      sometimes you can come up with different angles when you are writing the first one, in which case I put those ideas in my ‘article idea’ text file.
      or, you can just go back and re-read some posts, maybe ones with lots of comments, and away you go!

    • Thanks Mark,
      It’s a technique which helps both blogger *and* reader as it helps to drive home the valuable info for the reader.

  • Hi Gordon
    You have made some great points here, sometimes we get a writers block now and again so if we reuse some of our old posts in the way you mentioned it will mean that we will not miss posting on time. I think it is important to have a regular posting schedule so our readers know when to expect new content.
    Thanks for sharing, have a great day

    • Thanks Pauline,
      I love the technique! You make a great point about it also being a way to get over writer’s block.

  • Hi Gordon,

    I do a similar thing on my detox blog.

    I have so many posts on there now that I write an intro about a topic that I have already written a number of posts on and then link back to them in my new articles.

    That way my readers will hop fully spend more time on my blog and improve my bounce rate too. Every bit helps with getting on the first page of Google!


    • Hi Sandy,
      yes, I also like using previous related articles as a call to action to read them with a link – lots of people will do if they enjoyed the article they’ve just read.
      Thanks for a reminder of a great tip!


    • Thanks Joy,
      I use this tip over and over – depends on the niche to an extent, but I use it to allow me to write about current events.