If You Believe This Goal Achievement Myth – Let It Go!

"Frozen"I saw a video recently which had goal achievement lessons screaming at me from the screen, particularly about limiting beliefs. Read on to see if it applies to you, and if you need to let it go…

Some Disney films come and go with mild success, some come and stay around, and ‘Frozen’ is one which stayed around. The princess factor kicked in, with little girls all over the place getting togged up in their merchandise costumes.

The same can be said for the song ‘Let It Go.’ An Oscar winner if you don’t mind! Not every Disney song makes it big, but this one did, helped by social media and the spread of videos of little girls singing it in the back of the car.

The video I saw showed a multi language version of the song, showing it sung in 25 languages by 22 actresses. Here it is:

When I first shared it, someone commented that it sounded like the same singer – indeed so, they do all sound very similar, they sound like Idina Menzel, but they’re not her.

Each of the 22 women are individuals, they all have their own backgrounds. Some of them may have had musical theatre backgrounds, some of them might have been brought up in environments that have nothing to do with music *or* theatre!

Here’s what they have in common –
They can sing. They’ve all spent years having lessons and developing their talent.
They all sound the same for 2 reasons, firstly the result of the training, and secondly because that’s the type of singing required for this particular job.

They also all have decent teeth. They’ve probably all spent money on their teeth, and maybe the rest of their appearance. That work had to be paid for, so what sacrifices have been involved?

They’ve also all gone through rejection, and lots of it. In a packed competitive industry, rejection is par for the course.

Here’s what they didn’t do –
They didn’t assume that goal achievement was for others. Despite the competition they put themselves out there, working hard to put themselves in the position so that when the chances come to be the one that gets the part, they have the tools to put themselves in the running.

Let’s go back to thinking about their own stories – wouldn’t it be fascinating to find out about each of them to see how they arrived at singing the same song from the same film! There will undoubtedly be some good stories in there.

Lots of them will involve stage school I’m sure (plus the hard work that involves), but in amongst those will be stories of the non stage school route, showing that there is more than one way to get to the goal. 22 ways in this particular case.

Something else to remember is that although these 22 got the part, for each one of them there were plenty others who also auditioned but didn’t get the part. Maybe they’ll get the next part, maybe they won’t, but they’ll come back for more.

So, look to your own passions, your own goals. It may be musical theatre, it may not, but whatever it is, are you putting in the work, making progress so that when your chance comes you’re ready?

Do you believe that the route you are on, *you’re* route, is the one that will get you there? Do you believe that even though there may be competition, someone will get there, so why can’t it be you?

I loved the lessons warbling their way to me from watching these women sing, and if you believe that the single only way to get to your goal is beyond you, or if you believe that your goal is only available to others, you simply need to ‘Let It Go.’

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P.S. This is the kind of thing I write about in my book, which has been described as ‘motivational magic’ – Transform Your Life in 21 Days!
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  • Very well written article, Gordon. Yes, it s so successful that girls from so many parts of the world (canct use ‘all over the world’) love it. The success, I reckon revolves around:
    Princess, especially when they are sweet n nice
    Fairy tale
    Healthy, family oriented theme
    Magical power
    Cute character Olaf. Marshmallow is another insteresting character. So is Sven. Oh yes, the trolls. They are cute.
    Nice song. Easy to sing too
    Maybe the ‘Let it go’ has some encouraging effects on adults (patents) too so it adds to the popularity of it
    Very good graphic and piece of work. My husband remarked that the technology was excellent bcoz the lips sync with the words spoken. Not every productions, at least not from disney get that kind of results. Hence, realistic.
    And many more…

    Coming back to goal achievements. I like it when you post the question on “…when the chance comes you’re ready?”

    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Ah yes, being ready for when the chance comes, is how so many successful people got ‘lucky’ – it’s a classic goal achievement tip!

  • Oh and yes, my daughter loves it. She loves the song. Imitate how Elsa sings. Sought after all merchandise possible, from head (hair accessories, tiara…) all the way (clothings) to toe (Elsa slippers). She mentioned she still short of an Elsa jacket. Duh! Have I mentioned stationery?? Lol

    Just trying to show the money making potential riding on this Frozen wave. We see them everywhere in shops. Both original and imitation. Oh yes, we hv the DVD too! ;p

    • It’s really taken hold hasn’t it! I read today that the producer of the film has apologised to parents around the world for having to put up with the song! Ha!
      I think the film is now one of, if not *the* highest grossing animation – impressive, and you are right that the merchandise goes to show the money that’s there to be had from movies – did I say that in my book I show how it ccan be done via social media! 😉 😉