If You Want Above Average Results, It’ll Take Above Average Actions!

"Gordon Bryan", "Ailsa Craig",
Written by gordino

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It may seem obvious to state that results are the consequences of actions, but it’s a truth that seems to be bypassed by so many people, and it leaves them frustrated and unfulfilled.

It could be frustration when it comes to how we view our life’s journey, with a knowing that we are not following our passions, we are not being our true selves. Or, it could be frustration at everyday life, the small things that get on our nerves and upset us.

That frustration is not going to go away, and it’s not something that can just be wished away either. It needs action. It always needs action, it’s why I call it one of the 4 magic words.

If our current results are consequences of previous actions, (and deep down we know this to be true), then we also know that to change the results, we’ll need to change the actions.

The key question then, is why don’t we..?

I think the reasons can be summed up in 2 words – fear, and entitlement.

The sense of entitlement is a malaise which has spread over the years, and the rise of social media has made it even easier to fall back into moaning. Moaning that it’s up to so and so to do it, that we need this, or we have a right to that. The ideas of hard work and putting in effort to get things, seem like so many dirty words.

When it comes to fear, it could be fear of failure, fear of reactions from the people around us, fear of change, fear that we won’t be good enough, or fear of, yes you guessed it, needing to take action!

Put together those fears with laziness and a sense of entitlement, and you end up taking actions which only cover the basics, if that. If you only take actions which cover the basics, if that, then what results do you get? Basic results – if that!

If you want the better results, the above average results, then look at others who have those results, and it won’t take long before you see a pattern of them taking above average action.

They studied harder. They worked harder. They sacrificed more. They committed harder. In short, they acted above average.

There are exceptions, of course. There are always exceptions. But the fact they are exceptions only proves even more, that for most people, above average results need above average actions.

Let’s look back at my image. That was taken looking at Ailsa Craig in Scotland, July 2015. I love curling, I love playing it, I love the etiquette and the tradition of the sport. Ailsa Craig is where the world’s curling stones come from, and I had it in my mind that I could maybe take a trip up there to see the rock, maybe even take the little boat trip over to the rock, around my 50th birthday in 2016.

All well and good but then I decided that I shouldn’t put something off for a year for no good reason, so made the decision to go up there in July 2015. I had intended to just drive up there (it’s a good few hundred miles) take some pictures, then drive down again, but I was persuaded that was a bit too much, so booked into a B&B for an overnight stay.

I was lucky with the weather, and was able to take photos all through a glorious sunny day. I now have the set of photos which will bring a smile to my face whenever I look at them.

That was an above average result for me. It needed above average action. I could have decided to just download someone else’s pictures and stay at home with some chocolate, but that would have been below average results, from below average action.

I decided to take a different approach.

Look at your results. You may not want to drive hundreds of miles to take some photos, but what *do* you want? Do you want something that’s above average, but you’re expecting it to somehow happen without the above average action to go with it?

If so, you can expect to carry on being disappointed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you commit, if you decide, if you act, and take your actions to a level above the average, *then* your results will start to notch up a level, then another. Believe me, it can be life changing. It can be transformational!

"Gordon Bryan", "Ailsa Craig",

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