If You’re Going To Make Assumptions, Assume The Best..!

"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"
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Here’s another article taking a closer look at one of my quote images…

The words in the image could have been boiled down to just 3 words, ‘assume the best,’ but I wanted to throw in a few extra words – not to fill out space, but to make some important self improvement points while I was there!

Let’s start at the beginning – “if you’re going to make assumptions…”

That’s a big ‘IF’!!

Now, I’m not saying we will never make assumptions, that would just be silly. If we don’t know the facts about something, then we have no choice *but* to make assumptions, right? About all sorts of things, right?

Well yes, but in my view the problems creep in when we don’t make the effort to find out the actual facts, and choose instead to take our assumptions, good or bad, as fact. Sometimes it might take a bit of effort to find out facts, but sometimes it can be amazingly simple, and in that case to not bother is just lazy.

It’s the easy way, to fall back on assumptions, particularly if those assumptions give us an excuse to not take action.

That’s what way too many people do, and whenever I hear it, or see it on social media, my instant reaction is to challenge it!

1. “I wouldn’t be able to do that.”
2. “Oh no, that would be too hard.”
3. “ I wouldn’t have the time.”
4. “What if I messed it up and failed?”

Negative assumptions.

That little lot holds so many people back, holds them back from following their passions, their joys, from pursuing the goals they know will make them feel alive.

Here’s another assumption which could be argued as positive, but I would argue holds just as many people back…

5. “ I could do that if I wanted!”

That’s a lazy assumption, and it’s just another way of excusing inaction – “I could do it if I wanted to, but don’t really want to, so that’s ok.”

It’s not ok, no, because it leads to frustration, disillusionment, an unfulfilled life.

Well, the list of assumptions is coming along now, so let’s add to it with some assumptions about other people, assumptions which hold you back just as much as the assumptions about yourself…

6. “They won’t help.”
7. “They’ll laugh at me.”

Hmm, maybe they will laugh, maybe they’ll try to stop you, maybe they won’t help, but I reckon a that list of 7 negative assumptions is long enough, so let’s look at a different approach…

6 & 7. Maybe they won’t laugh at you, and maybe they *will* help you.
5. Maybe you could tell yourself that if you want to do something, you *will* try to do it.
4. You could wonder what would happen if you *didn’t* mess up and fail.
3. You could work on your time management and *make* the time.
2. You could assume it *won’t* be too hard.
1. Maybe you could assume you *could* do it after all.

Now, that new list of assumptions is still no more than a list of assumptions, but how much better to approach life with the second list instead of the first list!

In either case you will only move past assumptions by taking action and finding out for sure, but if you assume the positive, assume the best, then your brain will be looking to verify those assumptions when you do take action.

Your brain will focus on verifying the negative assumptions just the same, if you set out that way, so when you hit a bump in the road, which is likely if you’re moving forwards, which is better – setting your brain up to look for the positives, or setting your brain up to confirm the negatives?

You might think assumptions are not important when it comes to personal development and life progress. You’d be wrong.

Your assumptions are the foundation underneath your actions, and it’s actions which produce results. So, as quickly as possible replace your assumptions with facts, but until then assume the best. Assume the best of others, and assume the best of yourself. It can be life changing.

"Gordon Bryan", "The Great Gordino"

Ok, I’d love to hear what you think as ever – I love the feedback!

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