Imagination Can Take You To Some Amazing Places…

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Time to look a little deeper at another quote image, and I ‘imagine’ you’ll get value from this one…

“Imagination can take you to some amazing places – in your imagination. Combine it with action, and you can go to those amazing places in reality.”

I’m writing this in 2016, September 2016 as it happens, which saw the 100th anniversary of the birth of writer Roald Dahl.

In ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, the film adaptation of Dahl’s book, the late Gene Wilder sings “there is no life I know, that compares with pure imagination, living there you’ll be free if you truly wish to be.”

This conveys the same point I make in my image, and drives home the perception that while we can be ‘free’ in our imagination, it’s the only place where we *can* be free and totally ourselves, because we can’t do that in the real world.

It’s not just a perception though is it? It’s something that sums up the way huge swathes of people think and act in their lives, so it becomes self fulfilling.

They enjoy letting themselves be free in their imagination, letting themselves go from any restraints, but, and it’s a vital but, they do this while deciding that their imagination is the only place these things can happen. They can’t possibly happen in the real world, because it’s only ‘other people’ that can do these things.

We can’t do them, even though others have, because it’s too hard for us, or our background stops us, or even just because someone tells us so!

Now, I do understand why people think like this, it’s something that’s easy to slip into. It becomes a habit, and then it becomes our default belief, that we can enjoy amazing things in our imagination, but in our imagination only.


I’m going to go with “Nonsense!” as my response. Believe me, there are many other one word responses I could have gone with, but this one works well because it’s clean(!) and also because it does also contain the reason why we fall into the trap, and the solution to why it just doesn’t have to be that way…

Nonsense, in this context, means no sense!

If we think that the amazing places of our imagination are not possible in the real world, then the question is why not? Has the question even been properly looked at, or is it something that’s just accepted?

Well, to just accept it, makes no sense! It’s your life you’re talking about, so why on earth would you impose limits on yourself without even finding out if those limits are real or not? It makes no sense, because sense hasn’t been applied.

If we *do* apply sense to the question, and this is something we can choose to do, then we suddenly give ourselves the power to go to the amazing places of our imagination, in reality!

We can realise that others have been there before, so the information will be out there to follow.
We can work out the plan, and while we accept the difficulties that may lie in our path, we decide to take action.

"Gordon Bryan", "personal development",

Ah, the action.

Long time readers will know that I call ‘action’ one of the 4 magic words beginning with ‘A’!

As soon as we start taking action, and I mean immediately, our brain views things differently, seeing that action take us forward, and if it takes us forward, it has to take us away from one position and towards another position. In other words, we are moving closer to the amazing places with the very first action we take.

This in itself is an amazing place! Once we take that concept on board, we’ll want to move forwards more, so we’ll take more action, and we go on an upwards spiral of progress!

It’s up to us how far we take this. It always has been, but once we take ownership of the fact that it’s up to us, the lever has been switched!

Now, a key point to make here, is that action will not always *guarantee* success. It can’t, because no-one has a crystal ball, no-one can 100% predict the future, so without knowing how others will react to your actions, without knowing how much determination you bring to challenges along the way, it’s impossible to make guarantees.

We can be pretty sure though, that taking no action at all *will* leave you exactly where you are. It’ll leave the amazing places staying out of reach, in your imagination, simply because you’ve decided to take no action.

Better though, to go the other route? I’d say so!

So, look to your own imagination. What places do you go to there? Aren’t they amazing! Why not choose to do some about it, to go to those places in reality! Do some research to see how others have done it, decide to take action, then take action and off you go! Try it, it can change your life.

Ok, as ever, I’d love to hear what you think – do leave a comment!

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  • Too many folks lose sight (pun intended) of this concept. But, every inventor and developer knows this critical piece of knowledge. Because it lets them consider what could be…
    Or, to use Bobby Kennedy’s thoughts…
    Some people see things and wonder why. I wonder why not…

    • I hadn’t heard of that Bobby Kennedy line, and yes, it fits well.
      Once someone *does* flip from a ‘why’ asker to a ‘why not’ asker, it can be a revelation!
      Thanks as ever for stopping by as ever
      Cheers, Gordon