Infographic – You’re Not Just Using Your Blog Posts Once, Are You?

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That’s my first go at an infographic – if you like it, please do share, like, tweet, pin, etc – thanks!

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    • Well, you’ve sold lots of your books, which have large parts of them made up as compilations of blog posts, so that’s a great example of it in action. When it comes to selling PLR, the content might have to be tweaked a touch. As it happens, most of your stuff is pretty ok as it is, because although it’s business based, the lessons work for goal achievement markets as well, so people can buy licence to the blog post, then change it very slighty to work for the different reader.

  • Love this- and have to admit, I am a bit slack at reusing content or is it re -purposing…well when it comes to other formats…I am good at using concepts dressed differently in different sites – great reminders here, thanks!

    • I’m a bit slack at it myself too! Worth doing though if the effort has been made to create the content in the first lace. Video is my next road to go down!