Inspiration? You Can Bank On Dave!

"Gordon Bryan" "Dave Fishwick"Dave Fishwick is a businessman from Burnley in the north of Britain. I’ve seen him featured in two TV documentaries, and found him inspirational in both, so it’s no surprise that he’s someone I’d want to write about…

Dave is a self made multi-millionaire, owning one of the biggest van leasing firms in the country, and he decided to take on the banks.

With the recession in full flow, the big banks, which caused the crisis, don’t lend to small businesses. This stifles those businesses in their growth, and can often see them fold.

Dave decided that he would start his own bank, taking deposits from savers, and lending the money out to local Burnley businesses. He would go and visit the businesses himself, making his own decision on whether the business was sound. The loans would be underwritten with his own money.

He could offer savers a high rate of return, and any profits would be given to local charities, and he wanted to call it The Bank of Dave.

Sounds good, right?

Not according to the Financial Services Authority, who told him he would be prosecuted if he went ahead. Upset, but undeterred, Dave went ahead with a savings and loan collective, and put a big sign above the door saying Bank ON Dave.

Now, these documentaries were done ‘reality’ style, so not everything might necessarily be as it seems. Dave himself says that in business he is ruthless, and it isn’t difficult to see that he could be as hard as nails on the business front.

On the other hand, he says that outside business he is ‘just Dave’, and what struck me was his drive and enthusiasm. His attitude is not ‘it can’t be done’ or ‘let’s give up’. His attitude is ‘it CAN be done’, ‘let’s get stuck in to make it happen’.

Cheerful and encouraging to others, coming from a poor background which had him bullied at school for being poor, it’s this kind of individual effort and drive which builds and drives economies.

His Bank of Dave was ticking over nicely – the savings were coming in, the loans were going out to local businesses, the profits were going to local charities. Sounds good, right?

Well, not according to the FSA, again, who wanted to shut it down totally, and told him to stop taking deposits with immediate effect.

Much to Dave’s amazement, the FSA said that there was not enough risk offered to savers! The single rate of interest did not offer savers the chance to take more risk for more return. Dave could not understand why offering more risk had to be in the mix, particularly considering the part that risk had played in causing the recession.

Dave took his case the Houses of Parliament with the help of his MP, and went to explain his model to the FSA. They relented, and the threat of closure was lifted.

Dave definitely goes for the ‘bull in a china shop’ approach to goal achievement. He’s a bull in a china shop with a smile on his face too! Rolls up his sleeves, thinks of the next step, and then presses ahead.

When obstacles come his way, which tends to happen as you move forwards in a new field, his style is to get annoyed, get angry, and then work out how to get it sorted.

I found him very inspirational, with an impression that he would throw himself fully into anything he turned his mind to, and would have an expectation of success.

Energy and enthusiasm. Essential ingredients of goal achievement – so, look to your goals, get a smile on your face, and ask what you can crack into next, to make progress. Then, get stuck in, and you’ll develop the confidence to bank on yourself, just like Dave banked on Dave!

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    • In the series he went to other countries to show us places where it is not unusual, and he’s hoping his story will kick start a few more of them here!

  • I love this. It is not as though he is saying that he looks everything in a Mary Poppins way, so positively, but admits that there are always difficulties. Very real form of success! Thanks for sharing!

    • Spot on Michelle! I was struck that in amongst all the cheery smiles, he had no problem in showing his frustrations. He simply decides that the frustrations won’t last long! And yes, it really did show real life success in action!

  • Your posted reminded me of a client who started a movement on her job for herself and coworkers to lose 50 pounds each. It changed her life and her results and enthusiasm spread to other women in the walking group she started. The experience was the first time she really became aware that daily actions and words impact lots of people.

    Rachel recently posted The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People

    • Hi Rachel,
      Oh yes, words and actions can have massive impacts on others, and in fact that’s the subject my next article about Dave Fishwick!

  • Yes you must have energy and enthusiasm. If you are not excited, how can others be excited for you or believe what you are saying… I like Dave, he’s right on! Thanks for the post.

    • His enthusiasm burst through the screen.
      It’s possible that it’s the kind of enthusiasm that might get a bit tiring if he confronts you with it all day, but blimey, it’s got good results for him!

  • Dave is so inspirational, as you’ll have seen if you watched the TV programes.  Taking on the banks is no easy feat. But it’s his heart for people – ordinary people – which seems to motivate him.  I bought his, appropriately called “Bank of Dave” too.  That’s one of those books you can’t put down, and is even more inspirational. 

    • Hi David,
      Yes, the book seems to convey his feelings as well as the documentary, and you’re right, I think it’s his genuine desire to help others that inspires me.
      Thanks for stopping by,