Is Your Belief That You Can’t Stopping The Real You..?

"Gordon Bryan",
Written by gordino

In this article I’m looking at another of my quote images, and I *believe* it’s a good point..!

I took that photo at a place called the Coldrum Stones here in Kent, UK. It’s an ancient burial site, and at about 4am, in the still of a summer sunrise, it’s great to take in the fresh air and consider perspectives, and our beliefs. Some of our beliefs are good ones, but oh, some of them aren’t..!

  1. Is your belief that you can’t stopping the ‘real’ you from shining?

  2. Is it just a set of words that you’ve decided are true?

  3. Would a new set of words serve you better?

1 Is it stopping the ‘real’ you from shining?

I’m going to go with an assumption of ‘yes’, simply because it’s the main reason people don’t move forwards, don’t live their life as the ‘real’ them.

Of course this isn’t true for everyone – there are many people that most certainly *do* live their life as the real authentic them, following their passions, tapping into their joys, pursuing their dreams.

If you’re one of those, then great! No really, it’s a wonderful thing to see in others, and it has the power to lift others.

If you’re *not* one of those though, and you’re reading this article because you want to know why this is the case, and what you can do about it, then hopefully you’ll get value here…

The beliefs you hold are the key to why you’re stuck, stuck in a situation that seems permanent and doesn’t let the real you shine. To be blunt, you don’t believe you’re good enough, or you believe that goals, success, passion, are things that are only available to other people.

This belief is something you may not even realise you hold, it could be something that others have drummed into you for as long as you’ve known, meaning that eventually you end up drumming it into yourself.

This results in you simply never starting to move forwards as the real you, which in turn results in yourself and others confirming this belief, which in turn directs the actions you take, and the results you get.

It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s one that’s common up and down the land, all over the world.It’s not a pretty picture at all, but it just doesn’t have to be like that, and here’s why…

  1. Is it just a set of words that you’ve decided are true?

The brain is a much misunderstood entity. We’re getting there, but it’s so powerful, so complicated, that we are still guessing on so many levels. What we seem to generally believe at the moment though, is that the subconscious mind will believe what our conscious mind tells it, on a literal level.

Some of the nuances of language are lost as our self talk is interpreted by ourselves!

So, not only is is true to say that many of our beliefs are simply words we’ve decided to be true, our subconscious takes them on as ‘fact’, even if our conscious mind knows full well that they haven’t been tested.

Seems absurd, doesn’t it! Laughable almost, except it takes us back to that position that so many find themselves in, of living lives that keep them frustrated because the authentic person is trapped and hidden away.

So, what can we do about it..?

  1. Would a new set of words serve you better?

Of course! The thing is, is it as simple as that? The answer to that follow up is a bit of ‘yes and no!’

The simple way to look at it, is to choose to use different words. That’s right, to *choose* the words we use when we talk to ourselves. It’s powerful, hugely powerful, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop us with this choice!

How about using words and phrases like this –
‘I don’t know but I’ll find out.’
‘I’ll don’t know now, but I’ll learn.’
‘I’m capable.’
‘Yes, I can.’
‘Yes, I will.’
‘If others can, I can.’

That little set there can be used to replace almost any negative belief we may have.

So, what’s not simple about that!

Well, it might be not simple, because our negative beliefs, the ones that have been stopping us from being ourselves, might have been there for a long time, anything up to decades!

That means they can’t simply be tossed out and replaced overnight.
I’m not saying they can, in fact it would be silly to say so.

However, *starting*, oh starting most definitely can be done right now, and it should be.

"Gordon Bryan",

Once we use the new set of positive words, we start to challenge the negative words. This will generate a clash – a clash in our own brain between the old and new! The good thing is, we are the ref!

When the new set of words says ‘yes’ but the old set of words says ‘no’ we can decide to acknowledge the clash, and the work out if the old negative belief is based on actual fact, or just assumption.

If it’s assumption, which it will be in many many cases, we can then set about taking action in our brain to put a positive assumption in place, and then go out in the real world and take action to ‘test’ the assumption, so we can replace it with fact.

This double whammy of changing our starting assumptions to one of positive belief, and then confirming it in the real world, is a game changer.

It means we can get past these negative words that have been holding the real us back for so long.

It changes our mindset, which changes our actions, which changes our results.

The real version of us starts to shine – try it, it can change your life, it can *transform* it!

Ok, I’d love to hear what you think, do leave a comment!

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